Printable Punctuation Rules Cheat Sheet

Read these two sentences.  Slow people working. Slow. People working.  These are two sentences with the same words but different meanings. What made all the difference? Your mind automatically read these two sentences differently because of the punctuation. Punctuation marks, as they are commonly known, help to add emphasis or pauses in ideas or thoughts … Read more

8 Fun Activities For Teaching The Usage Of Punctuation

Punctuation activities

Punctuation is the use of white space, traditional signals, and specific typographical elements to help readers understand and interpret written material correctly, whether they are reading it silently or loudly.  Capital letters and full stops, question marks, commas, colons and semicolons, exclamation marks, and apostrophes are the most frequently used punctuation marks in English. Writing … Read more

11 Online Games To Learn The Correct Usage Of Punctuation

Online punctuation games

Punctuation is a widely known concept in the branch of grammar. The usage of punctuation marks remains universal. There are various types of punctuation marks to showcase different intonations.  Punctuation helps emphasize, pause, and express words with different voice modulation. It is punctuation that enables us to set the tone of sentences. For example, you … Read more