Printable Phonemic Manipulation Words List [PDF Included]

phonemic manipulation words

Every word we read or write is a culmination of different sounds, and each of these individual sounds is known as a phoneme, the smallest unit of sounds of speech. By learning these unique sounds and how to blend them, one can become proficient in reading and writing. That’s why it’s important to teach little … Read more

20 Action Words List With Pictures [PDF Included]

action words list

Words are powerful tools that allow us to express our thoughts, feelings, and ideas. However, using the same words repeatedly can make our writing feel monotonous and dull. That’s where action words come in. Action words, also known as verbs, bring our writing to life by describing an action or state of being. By using … Read more

List Of Tricky Words For Kids To Practice

List Of Tricky Words For Kids To Practice

Language skills are one of the most basic skills taught at kindergarten and above levels. These skills, which will be useful all through life, are needed to develop communication abilities in a child. A usual learning progression path starts with attaining letters’ knowledge, and gradually kids are traversed through concepts of spelling, vocabulary building, and … Read more