7 Fun Online Games For Learning Periodic Tables

periodic table online games

A periodic table is an essential tool for understanding the properties and behavior of elements in the world around us. But learning about the elements and the periodic table can be a bit dry and boring for some students. That’s where online games come in! These interactive games make learning about the elements fun and … Read more

9 Fun Bar Chart Games To Play Online

bar chart games

As we move into an increasingly data-driven world, the ability to interpret and analyze data is becoming a critical skill. One crucial tool for data analysis is the bar chart, which provides a visual representation of data using bars of different lengths. While traditional methods of teaching bar charts can be dry and abstract, incorporating … Read more

9 Fun Apps For Practicing Sentence Building Skills

sentence building apps

“learning swimming I am” The time you read the above sentence, the first thing came to your mind must be the incorrect sequence of words. This is one of the common difficulties that English language learners or beginners may face. Just knowing some grammar rules or vocabulary does not help in knowing how to properly … Read more

10 Online Games For Teaching Days Of The Week To Kindergarteners

days of week

Learning about the days of the week is an essential part of a kindergarten curriculum. It helps children develop a sense of time and sequence and sets the foundation for future learning in subjects such as calendars, schedules, and time management. Knowing the days of the week will also help you to improve your communication … Read more

7 Fun Online Games For Learning About Figurative Language

figurative games

Figurative language adds depth and nuance to our communication, allowing us to convey complex ideas and emotions with just a few words. Metaphors, similes, personification, and other figures of speech enrich our language and bring it to life.  But learning about figurative language can be a challenge, especially for students who may find it dry … Read more

10 Cool Online Games To Learn Shapes

games to learn shapes

Learning shapes is crucial for little learners. It helps them understand things they see around them and derive meaning from their observations. Most parents introduce different shapes to their kids when they are around 2 – 2.5 years old. By the time they are three years old, most kids can identify simple basic shapes. Toys, … Read more

10 Cool Chemistry Games To Play Online

online chemistry games

Do you remember how the equation represents the reaction that forms hydrochloric acid? If your answer wasn’t an immediate “Cl2 + H2 = 2HCl”, you are not alone. Chemistry is not an easy subject to master, especially with its interdisciplinary nature where it also requires a working knowledge of math and physics among other subjects. … Read more

8 Fun Games And Activities For Learning Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration Concepts

speed,velocity games and activities

Speed – The rate of change of distance.Velocity – The rate of change of displacement.Acceleration – The rate of change of velocity per unit of time. Sounds confusing, right? One of the best characteristics of a good teacher is to make difficult things easier for students. The above definitions reflect how these three physics concepts … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Activities For Learning Distance And Displacement Concepts

distance and displacement 2

A teacher can often find students with different levels of interest in the subject. Although physics is a fascinating subject, there will always be a set of students in the class who are apprehensive of it. The primary reason why these students are not interested in the subject is because they do not understand it … Read more