10 Fun Blending Words Games And Activities For Little Learners

A group of two or three consonant letters that preserve their sound when spoken are known as consonant blends or consonant clusters. Blends can be found at the start or the end of a word. Blends help children analyze the sound of words before actually writing them. It enables them to understand how 2 letters … Read more

10 Fun Grammar Games And Activities For Adults

We all know how education surrounds us everywhere! Whether you go to the office or simply at the grocery store, you’re bound to come across advertisements, hoardings, and everyday communication. All of this comes to you in unconventional ways yet they make you read and instantly connect with the text. Through all these languages, grammar … Read more

7 Engaging Active And Passive Voice Games To Play Online

At times, certain passages tend to give the information in rather short. concise and clear sentences while some use a long form to present the information. This is because of the concept of active and passive voice being employed here. Active and passive voice is important in communication as it defines the emphasis laid either … Read more

8 Awesome Productivity Apps For Students In 2022

Every student struggles with productivity-robbing distractions. Getting everything done might be challenging when your child’s day is filled with schoolwork, social engagements, after-school organizations, and sports. Along with getting the finest grades, it’s crucial to make time to rest extensively, interact with others, and take care of one’s physical health. It is crucial for students … Read more

8 Cool Google Extensions For Teachers

In the ever-changing world, technology has transformed the entire learning experience. It is not only students but also teachers who benefit from different tools and technology. For quite some time now, we’ve been familiar to use websites and applications for various different purposes.  Nowadays, Google Chrome extensions have come into the limelight that is meant … Read more

7 Games & Activities To Learn Dividing Fractions In A Fun Way

Did you know that fractions are everywhere? We use fractions all the time in our everyday lives, but we may not even realize it. Fractions can be found in measurements (1/2 cup of sugar), money (a $0.50 coin), and recipes (3/4 cup of flour). Even though fractions are all around us, they can be tricky … Read more

10 Fun Months Of The Year Games And Activities For little Learners

Are you aware of how each month changes along with the seasonal and environmental changes? As it is important to observe the changes, it is also crucial to understand the reason behind them. Children are happy with the experiences of different seasons but it is necessary to equip them with the knowledge about the months … Read more

6 Engaging Games & Activities For Teaching How Rotational Symmetry Works

Rotational symmetry games and activities

You must have observed various shapes and objects that look exactly similar even when viewed from different angles. Interesting, right? That’s because these shapes and objects are rotationally symmetric! Rotational symmetry is a crucial concept for children. It is a type of symmetry that describes how two rotations can look similar to each other. As … Read more

9 Engaging Modal Verbs Games & Activities For Little Learners

Modal verbs games and activities

Teaching English using interesting and fun methods helps students understand the idea behind it in a better way. Hence, teachers can explain modal or auxiliary verbs to students using different games and activities to make learning enjoyable. Modal verbs are words used along with the main verb in a sentence. When added, these words change … Read more

8 Engaging Roman Numerals Games To Play Online

Roman numerals stand for a number system that was generally adopted as the norm throughout Europe up to the late middle ages. It was created because the ancient Romans believed that it became challenging to count with fingers after a number reached ten. In order to facilitate trade and communication, a standardized system had to … Read more