Printable Critical Thinking Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

critical thinking lesson plan

What is one thing that is common among Albert Einstein, John Dewy, and Abraham Lincoln? It is their critical and rational thought process. Along with their unique personalities, their unique thinking pattern and view toward the world make these individuals creative and different.  Critical thinking is the ability of an individual to rationally analyze and … Read more

Printable Letter Writing Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

Letter writing lesson plan

Writing a letter to your loved ones may sound meaningless in today’s time but Imagine sending a handwritten letter to your friend or cousin who lives in a different state or overseas. It surely helps you connect with them on a more personal level fostering a strong bond for life. Unfortunately, in the modern age … Read more

Printable Sequencing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten [PDF Included]

sequencing lesson plan

‘Should I pack my bag first or fill the water bottle?‘ Such a question might sound ordinary to you but plays a crucial role in everyday life for little learners. With every question that decides what to do and when to do it, children indirectly form habits. Even the little actions or ways to do … Read more

Printable Counting Money Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

counting money lesson plan

Money is an important asset that keeps the world moving. Earning, managing, spending, and saving money are crucial life skills required for successfully navigating the world. These skills are acquired at a young age and remain with us forever. Educators and parents play a pivotal role in helping children understand and apply these crucial skills … Read more

3 Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Templates [PDF Included]

Preschool Lesson Plan

Preschool education is not only about the prescribed syllabus; rather, it is an amalgam of both syllabi and various extra co-curricular activities necessary for a child’s holistic development. Schools, teachers, and sometimes parents are responsible for ensuring that a child engages in multiple activities in school and learns different things in their developing years.  Although, … Read more

Printable Elementary Grade Shape and Pattern Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

shapes and pattern lesson plan

Can you notice at least five shapes or patterns in your immediate surroundings? We believe you can, and that too, very easily. After all, we are surrounded by various shapes and patterns that form the basis of our surroundings. From the device you are reading this article to the room you are probably sitting in, … Read more

Printable Time-telling Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

time telling lesson plan

Time-telling is a significant skill that everyone must be aware of. Understanding time is necessary to organize daily-life activities, whether for personal or professional use. It is hard to allocate time to daily activities without knowing telling time, resulting in a haphazard schedule.  Time-telling can be taught to children as young as 4 -5 years. … Read more

Printable Fraction Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

fraction lesson plan

Fractions are a way of life! The mathematical concept we all studied as a child has major implications in practical life. Remember the last time you cooked, and the recipe book said to use 3/4th of the ingredient? Yes, that’s a fraction in real life. Knowingly or unknowingly, fractions impact our daily activities, making fractions … Read more

Printable Seasons Lesson Plan For Kindergarten [PDF Included]

Lesson Plan on Season

You must have heard kids talking about their favorite holidays, clothing items, or activity they love doing during some times of the year. Well, here comes the need to acquaint them with the concept of seasons. By learning about the seasons, they can become more aware of the natural changes that occur around them and … Read more