10 Life Skills Activities For Special Needs Students

life skills activities

Aren’t we always willing to put the best foot forward? May it be a cooking competition or simply dressing for dinner, we tend to do it all perfectly. While many of us prefer discipline with timings, some of us are more concerned about organizing things. Do you wonder where this comes from? Students get exposure … Read more

15 Field Day Games & Activities For Middle School

field day games and activities

Field day is a day full of fun and excitement. As this school year is coming to an end, there is no better time than this to organize an outdoor event for students to bond with their peers and do something different apart from regular studies. The significance of games and activities for children is … Read more

15 Personality Development Activities For Student Groups

Personality development

Personality development – it’s like CrossFit for the brain, a mental boot camp, a Rocky montage in real life! Okay, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but hear us out. Developing a strong personality is crucial for success in any field, and that includes education. A strong personality can help students build confidence, resilience, … Read more

12 Awesome Field Day Games & Activities For Adults

field games and activities for adults

Games and activities are not only for children. Adults equally enjoy playing games or performing activities that give them a chance to have fun and disconnect from their busy routine lives. Organizing a field day for adults is a great way to get everyone onto the field to have a good time. It is not … Read more

10 Prime Number Games And Activities For Beginners

prime number Games & Activities

The concept of a ‘prime’ number seems like an elite member of the number system. The word prime suggests that there is something special and unique about these numbers, something different from the non-prime or so-called regular numbers. In a way, that actually is the case with prime numbers. They might just be considered and … Read more

10 Effective Reading Comprehension Activities For Adults

Reading comprehension activities for adults

There are some topics in school that we just learn to pass the exam. For me, that was biology, especially various parts of the plant, human body, and cells and their functions.  But not all of us are lucky enough never to need those topics again in life. While I have never had to use … Read more

8 Fun Number Bonds To 10 Games And Activities For Littler Learners

number bond o 10 games & activities

If you are a parent with a child in elementary school, you must have heard them being taught the concept of number bonds, but, the concept being new and tricky, they may face challenges while learning it. Number bonds are very useful in learning addition and subtraction in arithmetic’s and once mastered, aid in swiftly … Read more

8 Activities For Teaching Middle Schoolers About Waves & Its Concepts

waves activities

Waves are all around us, from the gentle ripples on a pond to the crashing waves of the ocean. They are a fundamental aspect of nature and can be found in many different forms, including mechanical waves like sound and water waves, and electromagnetic waves like light. Understanding the properties and behavior of waves can … Read more