10 Decimal Examples And Applications In Real Life To Understand It Better

Decimal applications

Be it conversion from hundreds to thousands, or measuring oil precisely, decimals is a less spoken math notion that is apparent in our day-to-day life. Evidently, 2.25 pounds sounds more accurate than 2 pounds. Derived from the Latin word Decimus- implying ten, this concept deals with fractions with 10s at the denominator. Some spellbinding exemplars … Read more

8 Examples Of Partial Fractions Application in Real Life

partial fraction

Finding out the value of unknown variables in math may not be the most exciting part of the academic life of a student. Moreover, Algebra, too, as a concept can be occasionally challenging. Woefully, rendering these expressions on fractions turns further taxing.  What would a student do in such a case? Well, partial fractions decomposition … Read more

Examples Of Sensory Skills

Sensory skills examples

A sensory skill is an activity that helps a growing brain organize sensations. To move and learn and behave, a child’s brain needs to organize the information it receives from its primary senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, movement, gravity, and position). This organization of sensations is called sensory integration.  (Ayres & Robbins, 2005) Sensory … Read more

9 Practical Examples Of Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Examples

Human beings are unique in having a language to communicate. Other species make sounds of various kinds but it is humans only that have a structured language used to express ideas and emotions. This ability to form words in mind, and speak and write prolifically is called linguistic intelligence. This specialty serves the need to … Read more

List Of Speech Sound Examples And Resources

speech sound examples and resources

Speech development is a crucial process as it enables communication. It starts from a very early age when a kid starts to babble and make various sounds. If the grasping skills are strong, the child may start speaking clear sentences at the very first year of school, and sometimes at home too. However, progress does … Read more

Important Mental Math Examples, Strategies, And Activities

Mental math strategies & activities

If you find math intimidating, and figuring out the square of 23 or solving the multiplications like 152 x 16 in your head makes you lose your sanity, then you may be someone who thinks mental math is a forte that is difficult to perfect. Luckily, you can hone mental math skills with a few … Read more

Advantages, Disadvantages, And Examples Of Multisensory Approach

Examples of Multisensory Approach

Kids or anybody normally use visual and auditory senses to gain knowledge. But, these are not the only two senses we have. There are senses of balance (vestibular), smell (Olfactory), Touch (tactile), and Kinesthetics (bodily movements done to attain a goal), etc. too. Due to neurological shortcomings, if the visual and auditory senses are compromised, … Read more