10 Important Examples Of Positive And Negative Numbers In Real Life

Positive & Negative number examples

A positive or negative sign before a number makes a huge difference. While positive implies add-on, negative implies decrease. With this idea, inferences in a number of areas like quantity and directions are made easy. These real-life instances are worth observing.  Sometimes, learning from real-life cues may be beneficial as the students may ensure better … Read more

What Is Cognitive Flexibility? Its Importance And Examples

Cognitive Flexibility

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON APRIL 11, 2022 We all need to be adept at multi-tasking. It helps us through all phases of life. Right at school time, the kids are taught to be flexible in their thinking. They are given a curriculum and a set of extra-curricular activities too. It demands them to mold their … Read more

10 Examples Of Direct Proportion In Real-Life

Real life examples of direct proportion

We use a lot of mathematical concepts and operations in our daily lives and usual routines. A lot of our jobs, too, are dependent on performing these mathematical functions. In this subject, proportion refers to the relationship between two quantities.  Comprehending these direct proportions helps a student understand the ratio between two quantities that has … Read more

8 Examples Of Creative Intelligence

Creative intelligence examples

Creativity is what adds colour to life. It is the process that brings forth a new product. Playing an indispensable part in all areas of life, like, thought, work, play, or social interactions. — Creativity acts as an imperative character in changing old arrangements into new ones. Creative intelligence is the ability to create new … Read more

9 Examples Of Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Logical mathematical Intelligence

Logic often refers to the validity of the arguments, while Intelligence is linked to the human mind and its ability to resolve challenges. The use of logic in addressing math and pattern issues probably needs logical-mathematical intelligence. Say a kid prefers to spend time with math games, relishes detective novels, and aspires to be an … Read more

Applications of calculus in real life

Applications of calculus in real life

The use of mathematics, physics, and various science concepts in solving real-life problems and applications has been observed from time immemorial. Such is the case with calculus too. The urge to know about the practical applications of Calculus is a common question that many young minds often ask.  The association of mathematics, especially calculus, and … Read more

10 Examples To Get The Idea What Kinesthetic Learning Style Exactly Is

kinesthetic learning examples

You are probably a kinesthetic learner if you prefer to learn from listening, touching, and watching rather than reading from books and papers. Ensuring hand-eye coordination in the pedagogies can also be assistive in improving cognition and grasping abilities. While looking for various activities and means to learn physically, Do you know that many daily-life … Read more

Where Do We Use Averages In Daily Life?

Examples of averages

Estimating is a basic skill required to derive suitable inference from a large data set. At the academic level, we learn about subitizing as a preschooler. Moving to more complex data sets, we switch from subitizing to estimating. Finding average is one of the estimation methods that help us represent a large data set with … Read more