Real Life Applications Of Right Angle Triangle

Applications of right triangles

Geometry provides us with an elementary introduction to shapes around us. This branch of maths is useful in mastering shape reasoning. If you ever wonder how math is going to be used in real life, geometry offers the answer most readily. We know that circles, triangles, and rectangles are the 2D figures that we see … Read more

How Mathematics Is Used In Construction?

Application of math in construction

The construction industry is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world with billions of people operating in this trade. Whether it is the spaces to live on, places to work on, recreational spots, or creating wonderful monuments, construction is universal. One of the natural or learned skills required in the industry … Read more

11 Real-life Examples Of Similar Figures

real life example of similar figures

Geometry introduces us to shapes and figures. Delving deeper into this subject, we learn to find relationships among figures. The similarity is one of the concepts that may fascinate geometry beginners or young learners. Understanding this concept may prove easier for children when they can relate to it in a more practical manner. What to … Read more

20 Real-Life Examples Of Congruent Figures

Examples of Congruent figures

Once you are through with elementary geometry and learn about measurements, you are all set to understand the relationships between two figures. It is when you come across terms like symmetry, parallel and intersecting lines, etc. Moving forth, you delve deeper and find a bit more interesting topics like congruence. In simple words, two figures … Read more

10 Decimal Examples And Applications In Real Life To Understand It Better

Decimal applications

Be it conversion from hundreds to thousands, or measuring oil precisely, decimals is a less spoken math notion that is apparent in our day-to-day life. Evidently, 2.25 pounds sounds more accurate than 2 pounds. Derived from the Latin word Decimus- implying ten, this concept deals with fractions with 10s at the denominator. Some spellbinding exemplars … Read more

8 Examples Of Partial Fractions Application in Real Life

partial fraction

Finding out the value of unknown variables in math may not be the most exciting part of the academic life of a student. Moreover, Algebra, too, as a concept can be occasionally challenging. Woefully, rendering these expressions on fractions turns further taxing.  What would a student do in such a case? Well, partial fractions decomposition … Read more

Examples Of Sensory Skills

Sensory skills examples

A sensory skill is an activity that helps a growing brain organize sensations. To move and learn and behave, a child’s brain needs to organize the information it receives from its primary senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing, movement, gravity, and position). This organization of sensations is called sensory integration.  (Ayres & Robbins, 2005) Sensory … Read more

9 Practical Examples Of Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Examples

Human beings are unique in having a language to communicate. Other species make sounds of various kinds but it is humans only that have a structured language used to express ideas and emotions. This ability to form words in mind, and speak and write prolifically is called linguistic intelligence. This specialty serves the need to … Read more