10 Examples Of Isosceles Triangles Around Us

Real life examples of isoceles triangle

Geometry is a vast subject entailing various subtopics like squares, rectangles, etc. One of them which tends to confuse students is triangles. This is because, unlike squares and rectangles, which present themselves as just one type, triangles are segregated into different types. Based on the sides, we have equilateral triangles, scalene triangles, and isosceles triangles. … Read more

10 Examples Of Equilateral Triangles Around Us

equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle is a three-sided polygon with three equal sides and three equal angles, each measuring 60 degrees. In real life, equilateral triangles can be found in a variety of contexts. One common example is the construction of buildings and other structures. The triangular shape of an equilateral triangle is very strong and stable, … Read more

10 Fun Triangle Congruent Games and Activities For Classroom

triangle congruent

Hey, look at this symbol – ≅ If your students or kids look at this symbol and think someone put some toothpaste on an equality sign, they are not alone. Using statements and some simple set of rules to find whether two triangles will completely coincide when put above each other or not is definitely … Read more

DIY: Types Of Triangle Craft

DIY Types of Triangles

Art and crafts are important for a child’s development. These activities allow self-expression, develop patience and confidence, promote planning and organization skills, improve fine motor skills, and enhance understanding of academic subjects.  That’s why I always try to use art and craft activities at home to strengthen school learning. Recently, my daughter learnt about the … Read more

10 Fun Games For Introducing Triangles To Little Learners

Online Triangle games

When children learn something new, excitement and glee light up the atmosphere. Children can beautifully depict the world around them through paintings, drawings, and colours. They experiment with various shapes like squares, circles, ovals, rectangles, and triangles. Children possess very dynamic learning capabilities, and their world evolves every day with new data to the knowledge … Read more

Real Life Applications Of Right Angle Triangle

Applications of right triangles

Geometry provides us with an elementary introduction to shapes around us. This branch of maths is useful in mastering shape reasoning. If you ever wonder how math is going to be used in real life, geometry offers the answer most readily. We know that circles, triangles, and rectangles are the 2D figures that we see … Read more

8 Fun Triangle Shape Activities For Preschoolers

Triangle activities for pre-schoolers

Who doesn’t adore indulging in games and activities? These are apparently the pre-eminent pedagogies for little ones. While gamification and indulging in activities can be the modus operandi for basics like phonics and alphabets, instructors can also employ these to preach other notions like shapes and colors too. One such shape which must be taught … Read more

6 Best Manipulatives For Learning Triangles

Triangle Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Triangle is one of the unique geometrical shapes which requires in-depth study. A whole branch of maths called trigonometry is based on triangles; it is that important a figure. Teaching concepts based on triangles may require more than reading books. Especially, when … Read more