Everything You Need To Know About Guided Reading

Regardless of the academic subject, whether it be language arts or even math, reading is crucial for students. It acts as a fundamental building block for learning. Reading helps students focus, remember things and communicate better. It can lessen stress and enhance mental health. Students can discover new things by reading that aid in interpersonal … Read more

Analytical Skills: Meaning & Its Characteristics

A lot in life depends on how a person thinks, processes the thoughts, and analyzes the situation. When we talk about skills, along with critical thinking and communication, analytical skills are equally crucial for students, corporate leaders, and homemakers. The analytical skill enables the person to completely understand the situation and process information to derive … Read more

Everything you need to know about Culturally ResponsiveTeaching (CRT)

Culturally responsive teaching

Compared to more traditional instruction methods, culturally responsive education is a more recent development. It is commonly utilized in public schools to incorporate students’ perspectives of various cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds into lesson planning and classroom discussion. Regarding “culturally responsive education,” it’s essential to consider each student’s perspective and biases. Students can study more … Read more

How to write an effective IEP? A step-by-step quick guide

IEP stands for Individual Education Plans. Those involved in special education teaching find IEP of great help in identifying a student’s strengths and needs. A successful IEP implementation starts from planning and developing an effective IEP. So, it is essential to know the steps involved in it by heart. It involves identifying goals and plans … Read more

Everything You Need To Know Chunking Teaching Strategy

What is chunking teaching strategy

Students learn several subjects in a typical school day. That’s a lot of information to comprehend in one single day. You may observe that kids get overwhelmed when big pieces of information are shared with them.  This happens because large content increases their cognitive load when they are trying to process the information. This load … Read more

What Is Extended School Year?

Everything to know about extended school year

Extended School Year or ESY Services are individualized special vocation-related services that are designed to provide a free appropriate public education to students with disabilities. ESY services are provided beyond the normal school year of a school district. These services include both the days and the hours of the school days.  They are designed to … Read more

5W’s Of Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)

What is IEE

There could be times when parents may feel unsatisfied with the results declared by the school in concern to their ward. Disagreement in such cases is only obvious if nothing else. This may lead to a worrisome situation for families and children. Therefore, Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) is the answer to these segmented woes. The … Read more

Written Communication: Definition, Types, Examples, Pros & Cons, Resources, And Strategies

Communication is the act of exchanging and sharing information from one person to another or a group of people. Sharing clear, concise, and precise information is possible through effective communication skills. Therefore, communication skill is an essential skill that one must possess.  Communication is carried out through different means and is of different types like … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Singapore Math

What is singapore math

Singapore math is a term assigned to the newly developed math curriculum in Singapore that stands out because of its distinct learning approaches that focus on understanding concepts and problem-solving.  These main approaches are Concrete Learning, Pictorial Learning, and Abstract Learning. It is different from general math curriculums that involve examples or formulas that the … Read more