Interpretation Skills: Importance, Examples, Strategies, & Real Life Applications

Guide to interpretation skills with examples

In case of a query, one may get multiple sources of information. What’s equally important is that individuals are able to interpret this information in the right way as determined by the author; also implicitly making out how this can be implemented in their scenario. Everyone should develop the ability to understand the information in … Read more

What is FAPE and Why is it Important?

What is Fape?

Being disabled doesn’t constrain the individual from their right to education. IDEA came up with a provision called FAPE which ensures equal academic rights and privileges along with a few provisions of specialized assistance. Also, this may often have links with the 504 plan or IEP goals.  Here is a quick guide to what is … Read more

What is Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)? | Its Importance In Special Education

Least restrictive environment

Little learners often have investigative minds which often need the freedom to traverse surroundings and relish the best of it. Stepping into school, being exposed to academics and regulations may constrain them. Nonetheless, ensuring convenience can make school a better environment. LRE makes sure to add comfort to compromised students.  LRE (Least restrictive environment) is … Read more

Mnemonics Guide: Meaning & Examples

What are Mnemonics

The strategy of learning something valuable can be often ensured with practices like listening and memorizing. But it would be a convenient idea to craft some hack that would make retaining facts easier. Mnemonics are probably the best example of such tips.  Right from VIBGYOR for remembering rainbow colors to song-based learning, all of these … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Verbal Redirection

Verbal redirection

Student life is all about learning. At this level, they come across many new scenarios and often are not clear on how to handle them. Accordingly, they have a lot of chances to deviate from the right track. Ensuring a proper guideline redirecting them back to the right track is often necessary.  Parents and teachers … Read more

What Is Morphemic Awareness? Why Exactly Is It Important?

Morphemic awareness

Just like math is built with numbers, languages like  English are made up of building blocks. While most believe words form these units, there are even smaller chunks known as morphemes. Mastering these may be obligatory to ensure a concrete foundation for language.  Accordingly, Morphological awareness is perceived as an ability that helps students in their … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Brain Breaks

Brain breaks

A teacher observed that in the first three days of her teaching where she was with her students, they were attentive during the first part of the class, but after approximately 20 minutes of her instruction, many of them became unresponsive, sidetracked, and even disruptive. What do you think the reason behind this was? The … Read more

What Is Cognitive Flexibility? Its Importance And Examples

Cognitive Flexibility

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON APRIL 11, 2022 We all need to be adept at multi-tasking. It helps us through all phases of life. Right at school time, the kids are taught to be flexible in their thinking. They are given a curriculum and a set of extra-curricular activities too. It demands them to mold their … Read more