What is Number Sequencing? Different types, Importance, Strategies & Tools

what is number sequencing? Its importance, types, strategies and tools to build number sequencing abilities

In the beginning, teachers do not expect kids to be Einstein; but at the same time, they expect the latter to have a certain level of intelligence. Very soon, things become frustrating when despite putting so many efforts, the results do not come out as desired. At the onset, the instant reaction is to brand … Read more

What are Sight Words? Strategies to teach sight words for effective results

sight words guide

Life skills are fundamental to live a fulfilled life in the best way. Out of all the necessary skills, one of the finest and most crucial of such skills are language skills. The language skills are primarily cultivated by Listening and Speaking, while they are enhanced by reading and writing. The basics of reading and … Read more

Number Recognition Guide: its importance & different learning methodologies

number recognition guide

Aiding in a child’s growth is one of the most crucial tasks for any parent or caretaker/educator, whereby the expectations of the child must be met in terms of offering care & satisfying his/her needs.  Meanwhile, on the same journey, skills required for the future must be inculcated in the child that requires that he/she … Read more