Top 10 apps for practicing sight words

List of top 10 sight word apps

Sight words are pivotal to build a strong foundation of basic reading skills in little learners. Therefore, holding a grasp on these skills must be solid right from the very beginning. The ideal age of inculcating this skill begins when the children are in their preschool and kindergarten. To recognize these words quickly, you need … Read more

8 Roman Numerals activities for little learners

8 helpful roman numerals activities

Roman Numerals are signs representing numbers we normally use in the decimal system of numbering. Though not much in the application in modern times, these numerals are still used for numbering hours in a clock, chapters, and editions of the books, etc. This system of number saw rampant use in olden times where residential blocks … Read more

Free Printable Number Recognition Worksheets 1-20 [PDF]

free printable number recognition worksheets 1-20 pdf

Kids’ ability to recognize, visualize as well as name the very basic numerals is analyzed in terms of his/her number recognition skills. Number recognition skills are required to be well imbibed in young learners as for them to take on advanced concepts later in academics. It doesn’t take much energy and time if the right … Read more

12 Best Online Sight Word Games For Kids

A list of top 12 sight word games

Literary skills are among the core skills that must be inculcated in any child for coping up better with the world. The foundational basics that can strengthen one’s literary skills are the frequency with which one can recognize the words. If one could recognize a word at the very instant one sees it, without the … Read more

Top 15 books on learning sight words

List of top 15 books for learning sight words

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Sight words are the commonly used words that need to be recognized at a glance. Instant words and snap words are the other names of sight words. These words appear too often in sentence and help add lucidity to it. Sight … Read more

What are Sight Words? Strategies to teach sight words for effective results

sight words guide

Life skills are fundamental to live a fulfilled life in the best way. Out of all the necessary skills, one of the finest and most crucial of such skills are language skills. The language skills are primarily cultivated by Listening and Speaking, while they are enhanced by reading and writing. The basics of reading and … Read more

Top 10 math manipulatives for kindergarteners

list of top 10 math manipulatives for kindergarten

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Math and its scare is not something unknown to the world. Most of the early learners display reluctant behavior in acclimatizing with number and related operations. In such a scenario, children suffering from learning difficulties get camouflaged in the horde. … Read more

10 Popular Number Recognition Activities For Kids

List of top 10 number recognition activities

Few aspects are a matter of age, and basic skills are definitely considering the initial stage of an individual for being acquired.  One such skill that must be taught at a very young age is the number-recognition skill. It doesn’t take much energy and time if the right methods are employed. Doing different activities is … Read more

Top 10 number recognition games to play online [2020]

List of top 10 number recognition games

There are a few basic skills that are inevitable in a child’s life as they are the base for inculcating other skills. One such important skill is the number recognition skill that encompasses various aspects of it. Caretakers/ educators needn’t struggle much and can employ smart & efficient ways for teaching these skills, like apps, … Read more

Top 5 Websites for Dyscalculia

list of top 5 dyscalculia websites

Internet has become a valuable source of information. There is hardly any problem where solution is not available. People facing various kinds of issues turn to the web to find all possible help. The educationists and subject matter experts, accordingly, are creating invaluably informative material to offer a readymade solution. One such issue that is … Read more