Top 10 Free Math Apps For Middle School

Math apps for middle school

With the advancement of technology, applications have been making life easier in many ways. Even in academics, Edtech has been on its way to transforming teaching and learning styles. Be it for contactless teaching or to ensure repetitive training and practice, mobile applications often are handy.  For subjects like math where inferencing visually and numerically … Read more

10 Fun Pictograph Activities For Little Aspirants

Pictograph activities

Say, a kid wants chocolate, they may feel it facile to draw it rather than writing the spelling to ask about it. Evidently, visual learning may often have a better experience in inferring and learning. Learning of concepts like graphs is often visual, adding pictures to it may assist further engagement. In layman’s terms, these … Read more

Does Dyscalculia Affect Other Subjects?

Does dyscalculia affect other subjects?

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON APRIL 04, 2022 Minor hitches in reckoning numbers may be evident with around 7% of the population. These may need specialized instruction and propel to ensure decent performance. That being the case, some of such aspirants are identified to show destitute performance. These brought the requisite to evaluate how Dyscalculia affects … Read more

100 Inspiring Quotes On Importance Of School

Quotes on importance of school

 To ensure ameliorated motivation towards schooling, students may be associated with some strategies. Quotes may be an engaging idea as these atomic packets oftentimes hit properly in boosting up positivity and interest. What makes these snippets further intriguing is that most of them come from people having admirable experience of life.  With that comprehension, a … Read more

10 Fun Activities For Learning How Symmetry Works

Symmetry activities

Be it an art piece or an image; symmetricity is all around us! Ever seen a snowflake and wondered how perfect and symmetrical it is? Hence, symmetries lie at the heart of the laws of nature.  By definition, a shape or a 3-dimensional entity, if there exists an imaginary line that divides it into two … Read more

8 Fun Classroom Activities For Learning Angles

Activities for learning angles

Angle– one word that we habitually use, but seldom do we understand its importance. From angles in pictures to furniture, to even buildings and architecture, this concept of mathematics is implemented time and again.  Angles can be used in geometry to define objects like polygons and polyhedrons, as well as to explain how lines behave. … Read more

9 Must-Have Apps For Doing Math Homework

Apps for math homework

We use math extensively in our daily lives. However, the learning process can be complex and thus, bewildering for little learners.  Learning new concepts, practising them, and applying them wherever required can be a task! Especially when they are asked to do their homework! That too, if home tasks involve impenetrable math concepts.  With most … Read more

9 Cool Measurement Games To Play Online

Online measurement games

It is said that ‘One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions. If you can’t measure it, you can’t change it.’ From knowing the weight of an object in Physics to adding a particular quantity through measuring in Chemistry, and what not! Measurement, as a concept, is inescapable. This is one topic that is … Read more