8 Important Project Based Learning Strategies

project based learning

In project-based learning, the project serves as the delivery method for the critical knowledge and skills that students must acquire. Project-based learning calls for analytical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and several different types of communication. Project-based learning aids a long-term investigation and solution to a complex, interesting, and authentic issue, problem, or challenge, students learn through … Read more

RTI Intervention Strategies For Math

RTi intervention strategies for math

Response to intervention, or RTI, is an approach developed to identify special needs learners. The earliest mentions of the process go back to the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), amongst others in the list of special laws. While the RTI offers a solid medium to approach learning before failure, as early identification and prevention … Read more

Important Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies For Reading And Writing

rti strategies

The field of education witnessed a paradigm shift when Response to Intervention (RTI) was introduced. The early education sector’s leaning towards intervention after failure was targeted by RTI. Even though RTI specifically came out to support students struggling with learning disabilities, the approach has been widened to include all students with differing needs.  RTI emphasizes … Read more

8 Engaging Strategies To Employ Active Learning In Classroom

When was the last time you felt so curious about a topic that you spent hours on it? You read various articles, watched a lot of videos, and almost forgot where or when the time passed. Active learning aims to foster this exciting and almost insatiable need to learn. It involves the student or the … Read more

10 Important Strategies For A Successful Inclusive Classroom

inclusive classroom strategies

“Inclusive classroom” is not just a buzzword. It holds significant relevance in the field of education. Inclusion primarily means providing equal learning means and opportunities to students of all backgrounds and abilities, so no child is deprived of their right to education and is left behind.  We may have differentiated learning environments for special needs … Read more

14 Strategies And Activities For Building Summarizing Skills In Middle Schoolers

Summarizing strategies and activities for middle school

The word “Summarizing” means understanding the theme of a text, identifying the key points and important details, and comprehending and analyzing it before writing it down in your own words.  Teaching summarizing to middle school students is tricky because a summary has no definite answer. Every student can write a summary based on their understanding … Read more

8 Co-Teaching Strategies & Activities Focusing On Students’ Progress

Co-teaching activities and strategies

Co-teaching is an approach adopted to provide education and enhance the learning experience of students, especially those in inclusive classrooms. It is based on the idea of pairing a general education teacher with a special education teacher to cater to the needs of all students, including students with learning difficulties and special needs. The co-teachers … Read more

5 Note-Taking Strategies For Middle School Students

note taking

Throughout history, taking notes has been a fundamental aspect of human evolution. Noting down or recording important information is referred to as taking notes. While note-taking helps work professionals and adults, it is also vital for middle school students. Note-taking allows students to record information in an organized way where they get an opportunity to … Read more

Strategies To Teach Elapsed Time Concept In Fun And Easy Way

Strategies to teach elapsed time

Time is considered to be one of the most valuable things ever; so much to an extent that it’s often said “The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.” However, learning the concept of time, and elapsing time can be a tough nut to crack.  Mentioned that this post aims to focus … Read more

Important Examples of IFSP Outcomes And Strategies To Understand It Better

IFSP outcomes and strategies

When the family is provided with suitable personalized assistance, a noteworthy outcome for the children is expected. This feature makes IFSP provisions distinct from 504 and IEP accommodations. This plan can be effective for parents who wish to make equal efforts for the betterment of the child alongside educators. After exploring through the guide of … Read more