Understanding visual discrimination among toddlers and strategies to improve these skills

Understand visual discrimination among toddlers and strategies to cope

When your child starts to perceive new objects or things around him, he visually discriminates the things – patterns of the items, sizes, shapes, and colors. This activity of perceiving and understanding tangible and intangible objects and ideas is called Visual Discrimination. If your child cannot visually discriminate things, there is no need to fear … Read more

Listening Comprehension IEP Goals: Main Goals, Importance, Ways to Formulate, Intervention Strategies

Listening Comprehension IEP Goals: Main Goals, Importance, Ways to Formulate, Intervention Strategies

The US Department of Education proposes formulation, implementation, and review of IEP goals if any student needs extra support to attain age-appropriate academic competency. IEP, as we discussed in our previous post on Vocabulary IEPs, stands for Individualized Education Programs. The public schools in the US form IEP goals for about 13 academic competencies including … Read more

Vocabulary IEP Goals for Speech Therapy: Importance, list, assessment tips, strategies

Teaching kids with special needs to speak can be overwhelming if there is no definite guideline available. Also, the child may tend to stray away from the learning process if there are no goals in sight. That is why a legal document has been prepared by the US govt called IEP goals. The Govt stipulates … Read more

What are the Functional Math & Number Sense IEP goals? Strategies to achieve these

What are the Functional Math & Number Sense IEP goals? Strategies to achieve these

Educators emphasize having individualized education programs or IEPs to make education effective for students with different learning disabilities. IEP goals are an important aspect of special education programs. These are set for students with specific learning needs. The IEP goals are determined to set a learning aim for an academic year. This means the student … Read more

Number Sense Strategies & Activities for Multiplication Beginners

Number sense strategies and activities for learning multiplication

Fluency and flexibility with numbers is the simplest way to define number sense (Berch, 1998). Students need to grasp the numbers not only by their looks or sounds but in terms of what they imply. To impart learning of the corresponding value of numbers, helping to find relationships between them, understanding number patterns, and moving … Read more

Strategies to implement Number Talks effectively and its benefits

number talks strategies and its benefits

I have seen many teachers struggling with the process of establishing a connection with the students. They find it challenging to reach the students mentally and to bring them on to go further beyond rote learning. The ideal situation is achieved when a student gets to learn the concepts in the way a teacher intends … Read more

What is Number Sequencing? Different types, Importance, Strategies & Tools

what is number sequencing? Its importance, types, strategies and tools to build number sequencing abilities

In the beginning, teachers do not expect kids to be Einstein; but at the same time, they expect the latter to have a certain level of intelligence. Very soon, things become frustrating when despite putting so many efforts, the results do not come out as desired. At the onset, the instant reaction is to brand … Read more

What are Sight Words? Strategies to teach sight words for effective results

sight words guide

Life skills are fundamental to living a fulfilled life in the best way. Out of all the necessary skills, one of the finest and most crucial of such skills is language skills. The language skills are primarily cultivated by Listening and Speaking, while they are enhanced by reading and writing. The basics of reading and … Read more

Best intervention strategies for dyscalculia

top 10 intervention strategies for dyscalculia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 04, 2020 Dyscalculia is a learning disability that hinders our pace in learning mathematics and number sense. Unfortunately, the effects are not just confined to classrooms, our daily life activities are affected as well. We already talked about the best possible ways of dealing with dyscalculia at the early stages … Read more