Important Social Skills Interventions For Individuals With Learning Disabilities

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REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 13, 2022 Children with learning disabilities face many difficulties in not just their academics, but also in their social environment. Learning difficulties have a great effect on the child’s sense of self and confidence and often make them feel inferior. These effects stretch to aspects beyond academics, like family, peer … Read more

10 Awesome Social Skills Books For Kids

Social skills books for kids

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. As a teacher or a child caretaker, you are required to teach several skills so that the child is prepared for the world beyond their comfort zones. Social skills are one such skill. It becomes easier to guide when you have access … Read more

9 Fun Social Skills Activities For Kindergarteners

Social skills activities for kindergarten

It is only apparent for humans to interact and flourish socially as social beings. For youngsters, kindergarten is a major transitional year! This is the phase where students can learn  how to share, take turns, transition, and so much more (all while learning new academic concepts as well) Every day at home, parents play a … Read more

Social Issues For Kids With Learning Disabilities

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REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT REVIEW PANEL ON DEC 24, 2021. What is your first reaction when you are judged based on only your weaknesses? Obviously, you will want to question the very process of judging. And think about the situation again when judging is accompanied by bullying from peers! It is definitely a strong emotional trigger, right? … Read more

25 IEP Goals For Social Skills Development In Kids

IEP Goals for Social Skills

Man is a social animal. Hence, skills for dealing with social situations are as important as language and number skills. Some students do well on the platforms of social interaction. But, there is always a section of students who find it almost impossible to open up and self-express[1]. On closer scrutiny of such cases, educators … Read more

Top 10 Easy Social Skills Activities For Elementary Students

Top 10 Easy Social Skills Activities For Elementary Students

The elementary level is the phase when students are trying to accustom themselves to newer environments. Their time with family is almost up and life starts revolving mostly around things they do with peers. Parents also want kids to display characteristics of being friendlier, welcoming, and sociable. These traits are nothing but the outcomes of … Read more

7 Fun Social Skills Activities For Middle School

Social Skills Activities For Middle School

UNICEF in its 2012 report has called ‘social skills’ a life skill, that is, skills that help individuals to display an adaptive attitude towards the demands and challenges that life often throws at all of us. Social skills like cooperation, assertion, self-control, empathy, and responsibility are observable indicators of social competence, that help individuals live … Read more

6 Engaging Social Skills Games To Play Online

6 6 Online Social Skills Games Social Skills Games To Play Online

Social skills are very important to ensure the development of the child into an adult who is capable of exploiting his or her potential to the fullest, as well as being compatible with society at large. Some of the social skills that are imperative for the overall mental and behavioral development of a child are … Read more

List of Team Building Activities for High School Students

List of Team Building Activities for High School Students

The high school experience of most students is placed on the knife edge of blooming puberty. It also has to face the pressure of performing better in many academic and co-curricular activities. High school is the time that coincides with the time when growing children become more aware or conscious of their personalities.  They search … Read more