Important Dyscalculia resources for Teachers

dyscalculia resources for teachers

A Teacher is also called the ‘second parent’ for playing important role in shaping the future interests of a child. After parents, Teacher is most sought out person with whom a student tries to find solace with. And that’s the reason we have student counselors in schools. A Teacher’s job is not just confined to … Read more

Assistive Tools & Technology for Dyscalculia

Assistive Tools devices and technology for Dyscalculia

Recently diagnosed with dyscalculia and thinking it might be the end of your academics? Worrying that your dyscalculic kid might have to struggle through simple algebra throughout his/her life? Will you be able to keep track of money spent and saved? Is your dream career even possible being a dyscalculic?Some common questions that will come … Read more

8 cool games for learning trigonometry

trigonomtery games

Trigonometry is an important part of the math curriculum in academics. It involves the study of triangles, properties of angles, relationships in triangle, evaluating measurements of height, distance, and angles. The applications of this topic are not just confined to exams or test series but also in our day to day life and other important … Read more

Top 10 games for improving number sense

Number sense refers to a person’s understanding of number system and his/her ability to use, relate and manipulate it for solving mathematical tasks. A strong number sense is important for gripping basic concepts well before diving into complex math topics in future. Children with good number sense have a range of mathematical strategies at their … Read more

Top 10 fun games for building math facts fluency

top 10 math fluency games

“Three times four equals to…” “Three plus five equals to…” Most of us have self-answered the above with a blink of a second, without even worrying to recheck it. We know that the answer would be correct as we are confident on our math recalling skills. Our repeated experience with such problems on our day … Read more

Top 5 apps for learning with Orton Gillingham approach

5 best apps for learning with orton gillingham approach

Orton Gillingham is widely regarded teaching approach designed for struggling readers, such as in case of dyslexia. Named after reading and language pioneers, Samuel Torrey Orton (1879-1948) and Anna Gillingham (1878-1963) , Orton Gillingham approach focuses on teaching connections between letters and sounds. It also uses multisensory approach to teach reading which involves using visualization, … Read more

Top 10 must-have free apps for Dyscalculia [2021]

10 free Apps for Dyscalculia

The intervention of technology in education is one of the marvelous phenomena that happened in this era. Things possible now with available gadgets could have never be imagined 10 years ago. From regular student’s wiki to braille assistance, technology has achieved great heights in the sector. A major portion of the advantage goes to the … Read more