Flipped Learning: Overview | Examples | Pros & Cons

flipped learning

Looking for a new way to engage your students and revolutionize your classroom? Look no further than flipped learning! With this innovative approach, you can turn the traditional classroom model on its head, empowering students to take charge of their own learning and giving them the tools they need to succeed in the 21st century. … Read more

14 Examples Of Differentiated Instruction In Reading To Understand It Better

differentiated reading

Reading is an essential skill that underpins learning across all subject areas. However, as every teacher knows, students come to the classroom with different levels of reading ability, background knowledge, and learning styles. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to develop their reading skills to the fullest, educators must provide instruction that is … Read more

8 Examples Of Differentiated Instruction In Math

examples of differential Instructions in math

Because students learn in different ways, we need to present information in different ways.” – Carol Ann Tomlinson.  Mathematics can be particularly challenging for some students. It requires a solid understanding of fundamental concepts, a strong ability to reason and analyze, and the ability to apply these skills to solve complex problems. However, not all … Read more

6 Art Integration Examples To Understand How It Works

art integration learning examples

A few years ago, art was merely considered an extracurricular subject, with one or two weekly sessions to help kids learn art techniques. But now, there is much more awareness about how art can help students understand core academic concepts. As a result, schools and educators are focusing more on art-integrated learning so kids can … Read more

10 Day-to-day Examples Of Incidental Learning

incidental learning

Have you ever been surprised and shocked when you find a small growing kid to start imitating and repeating words or expressions their parents say randomly at an unknown moment? This is one example of incidental learning we see around us in kids. Incidental learning is a natural process where learning takes place unplanned or … Read more

20 Examples Of Parents Feedback For Teachers

parents feedback for teacher

“A parent-teacher conference is taking place at an Elementary School, where Mrs. Smith, a third-grade teacher, is meeting with the parents of one of her students, Sarah. The parents express their gratitude for the hard work and dedication Mrs. Smith has shown in teaching Sarah. They also provide feedback on areas where they believe Mrs. … Read more

20 Examples Of Guided Reading Comments

guided reading Comments examples

Guided reading is a vital aspect of a student’s educational journey, as it helps foster their love for reading, develop their critical thinking skills, and improve their comprehension. A key component of guided reading is the feedback that teachers provide, which can make a significant impact on a student’s progress and confidence. Feedback in the … Read more

Musical Intelligence Characteristics and Examples

musical intelligence

Musical intelligence is the ability to connect to music and understand its intricacies. It was first brought to light by developmental psychologist Howard Gardner. He proposed that humans are endowed with different types of intelligence, and musical intelligence is one of them. While most people who love music are musically intelligent to some extent, those … Read more

10 Examples Of Equilateral Triangles Around Us

equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle is a three-sided polygon with three equal sides and three equal angles, each measuring 60 degrees. In real life, equilateral triangles can be found in a variety of contexts. One common example is the construction of buildings and other structures. The triangular shape of an equilateral triangle is very strong and stable, … Read more

10 Examples For Kids To Learn How To Use Figurative Language

Figurative language examples for kids

When expressing a complicated idea, words are utilized in a way that deviates from their typical order and meaning. When using metaphorical language to convey oneself, one does not employ a word’s literal or practical meaning. While figurative language is more often used in poetic devices or creative writing, it is one of the important … Read more