8 Fun Activities To Boost Fine Motor Skills of Kindergarteners

Fine Motor Skills of Kindergarteners

Motor skill is an important component of the physical and behavioral development of an infant and comprises his or her postural, locomotive, and manual functions. Studies show a positive correlation[1] between good motor skills and higher levels of physical activity. Sometimes children may experience delays in their motor skills development due to the underdevelopment of … Read more

8 Fun Reading Books For Preschoolers

Reading Books For Pre-Schoolers

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. The first five years of a child’s life are critical. It is during this time that 90% of brain development takes place. Thus, it’s essential to habituate them to activities that add to their growth. Reading can be a beneficial ritual, and … Read more

8 Cool Online Budgeting Games For Students

Online Budgeting Games

The excessive consumerism that is characteristic of today’s capitalist society has led to a Generation X that spends even before it earns, thanks to an array of credit cards at its service. This often leaves them in a financial mess as they get into a debt trap where they have to take more loans to … Read more

10 Must-Try Free Online Math Manipulatives

10 Must-Try Free Online Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives have been around us for years. Their use started rampantly after the implementation of the IDEA Act which directs educational institutes to be more inclusive in their approach. Students with learning difficulties need additional help in internalizing math concepts. Math manipulatives offer this much-needed alternative learning support which also helps in concept visualization[1]. … Read more

10 Engaging Addition And Subtraction Games For Kindergarten

Addition And Subtraction Games For Kindergarten

In a world with accessible smartphones and the internet, online games are the rage. Everybody is playing them. Apart from recreational functions, online games can also serve educationally. The innovative graphics and the audio-visual elements that online games offer, make learning easy and fun, especially for children.  Do online math games really work for kindergarten?  … Read more

6 Engaging Social Skills Games To Play Online

6 6 Online Social Skills Games Social Skills Games To Play Online

Social skills are very important to ensure the development of the child into an adult who is capable of exploiting his or her potential to the fullest, as well as being compatible with society at large. Some of the social skills that are imperative for the overall mental and behavioral development of a child are … Read more

6 Activities To Master Adjectives For Little Learners

6 Activities To Learn Adjectives

Adjectives are an integral part of the English language. They are words that add quality to the sentence. The use of adjectives adds emotions to conversations and makes them easier to visualize interpret. For example, the nursery rhyme, ‘Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips…” describes the body parts using appropriate adjectives. Now imagine if the … Read more

9 Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

Spelling Programs for Kids with Dyslexia

It is so unfortunate that even after being discovered for so long, Learning disabilities (LDs), such as dyslexia and dysgraphia, are still misconstrued[1] in individuals. People’s awareness about dyslexia is very much required as if ignored, can seriously impact the confidence of the individuals suffering from it. This is generally observed in a dyslexic person … Read more

Top 10 Online Counting Money Games for Adults

10 Online Counting Money Games for Adults

Adulthood has challenges of its own. In a run to figure out various things, some people may find themselves losing grip over basic skills like counting money. Also, an aging brain may give an adult a tough time managing money[1]. Mostly, receding sharpness in handling money management issues can be overcome by regular practice or … Read more

8 Must-have Handwriting Apps For Adults: Digital aids to improve penmanship

Handwriting Apps For Adults

The Digital era that has dawned has reduced the need for paper and pen as means of written communication. However, a handwritten note in beautiful calligraphy still possesses the old-world charm that can open many doors of dialogue and discourse.  Of course, changing with the new world is the need of the hour. Hence, a … Read more