6 Interactive Multi-sensory Learning Courses

Multi-sensory Learning Courses

Number and word reading and recognition is an uphill task for children diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Education researchers have always emphasized the pedagogical advantages the alternative teaching methods may bring. They advocate the adoption of these teaching methods to accommodate the special learning needs of differently-abled children. One of the methods found suitable is … Read more

25 IEP Goals For Social Skills Development In Kids

IEP Goals for Social Skills

Man is a social animal. Hence, skills for dealing with social situations are as important as language and number skills. Some students do well on the platforms of social interaction. But, there is always a section of students who find it almost impossible to open up and self-express[1]. On closer scrutiny of such cases, educators … Read more

Tips To Build Strong Motivation In Individuals With Dyscalculia

Tips for strong motivation in dyscalulia

From motivational quotes to activities, there are plenty of ways to fill in zeal and enthusiasm in dyscalculics. Dyscalculia is a learning disorder where a person has difficulty conceptualizing and performing mathematical problems and even retaining numbers. However, by practising regularly and motivating themselves, they can improve their condition in a great way. The willpower … Read more

7 Fun Activities To Improve Creative Skills In Preschool

creative Creative skills in preschool

Preschoolers are always learning. This stage is not only about educating. Rather, it is to make toddlers understand basics and create emotional, social, and personal growth. This phase makes them ready for school, which is why pre-school becomes one of the most crucial phases of an individual’s life.   When talking about activities that a preschooler … Read more

Top 10 Easy Social Skills Activities For Elementary Students

Top 10 Easy Social Skills Activities For Elementary Students

The elementary level is the phase when students are trying to accustom themselves to newer environments. Their time with family is almost up and life starts revolving mostly around things they do with peers. Parents also want kids to display characteristics of being friendlier, welcoming, and sociable. These traits are nothing but the outcomes of … Read more

Number Sense Learning Goals – Overview, Examples, and Ways to Achieve

Number Sense Learning Goals - Overview, Examples and Ways to Achieve

When you sit to draft the lesson plan, you tend to think backward; means, you have to concentrate first on what the outcome of the teaching will be and then you move on to devising strategies. These outcomes are nothing but learning goals. As a teacher to early math learners, you may be required to … Read more

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Dyscalculia, as we know now completely, is a learning disorder that interferes with the number-learning ability of children. It affects number sense building ability. Also, they can’t identify numbers and signs or understand directions or spatial orientations perfectly. They are not good with currency bills as well. So, can’t they be taught numbers at all? … Read more

Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten: Teaching the art of approximation and pattern recognition

Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten

Subitizing is the art of recognizing numbers by a glance, without undergoing the actual process of counting. Derived from a Latin word subitus, which roughly translates into ‘sudden’, Subitizing is a learning strategy that calls for a fair approximation of the numbers, without having an exact estimate of the same. Importance of Subitising Subitising is … Read more

Top 9 Calculus Themed Gifts For Math Nerds

Top 9 Calculus Themed Gifts For Math Nerds

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Remember the time you saw your older brother or sister getting sleepless nights because they had a calculus paper tomorrow and then, wondering what is calculus? Well, it takes years to gain expertise on the discipline, but here are a few words … Read more

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” This statement by a visionary from the past shows the importance of mindful reading. If your heart is in it, and it provokes your thoughts, you are bound to go back time and again to what you read. However, when the textual content is a bit technical … Read more