How Arts Can Help In Learning Mathematics?

How arts can help in learning mathematics?

Aren’t we all aware of the hurdles that mathematics bestows upon us? Math is beyond numbers, figures, symbols, shapes, and functions. It is a language of the whole universe around which everything revolves. Right from electrochemical signals to our brain to the collision of asteroids, everything involves math. But, do you know math and arts … Read more

Is Math An Abstract Subject?

Is math an abstract subject?

How do you perceive maths?—An abstract object or a concrete subject? This crucial query needs to be addressed with sheer patience! Many domains of mathematics unfolded from the study of real-world difficulties long before the mathematical principles and concepts were even recognized. Thus, it comes with its own set of concepts, rules, formulas, which must … Read more

Does Dyscalculia Qualify For An IEP?

Does Dyscalculia qualify for an IEP?

Who won’t love seeing their kid excelling in academics? But it is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when kids have some learning disabilities like Dyscalculia. Fortunately, Individualized Education plans (IEP) provide a righteous pathway to ameliorate academic performance in learning disabilities.  Being aware of this, parents often feel it laborious to find if their … Read more

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Music And Dyscalculia: Does it help?

Dyscalculia, as we know now completely, is a learning disorder that interferes with the number-learning ability of children. It affects number sense building ability. Also, they can’t identify numbers and signs or understand directions or spatial orientations perfectly. They are not good with currency bills as well. So, can’t they be taught numbers at all? … Read more

How To Teach Number Names In Kindergarten?

Teach Number Names To Kindergarteners?

Preschoolers’ academic life is not so easy as it seems. Coming to terms with so many new things and retaining all those in mind is a tad difficult. Teachers and parents need to combat the challenge of making things easier for growing kids. It is the most common observation that the kids tend to drift … Read more

Does Dyscalculia Affect Reading And Writing? Sieving through the reality and myths

Does Dyscalculia Affect Reading And Writing?

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON OCT 02, 2021 Yes, Dyscalculia may affect reading and writing to a certain extent. Dyscalculia is a learning developmental disorder that is known to cause difficulty in comprehending arithmetic, resulting in a deficit in mathematical abilities. However, it may also result in other learning developmental issues. Reading and writing disabilities … Read more

Is Orton-Gillingham Training Approach Worth It?

Is Orton-Gillingham Training Approach Worth It?

Teachers who have hands-on experience imparting training under the Orton Gillingham approach roughly estimate that even severely dyslexic students (including those suffering from ADHD), gain one grade level in reading within 75-100 hours’ worth of sessions. That can boil down to two hours of the child’s time for a month and a half. This seems … Read more

Understanding, Identifying, And Developing The Gross Motor Skills In Pre-schoolers

How to develop gross motor skills in preschoolers? If you have a certain gap in your understanding of this topic, we suggest you read this post till the end. For the uninitiated, Gross motor skills are defined as the ability to make movements that involve limbs and torso muscles. A well developed gross motor skill … Read more

Q. What is the required age range for giving WIAT-III test?

A. WIAT-III (WIAT stands for Wechsler Individual Achievement Test ) test is administered individually to find out the strength and weakness of a child. Using WIAT-III test, the examiners can find how gifted or talented the child is; also, they determine if there is a certain learning difficulty that the child is facing. Previously, the … Read more