5 Fun Adjective Games for Adults


Adjectives are descriptive words and are in great use in daily life conversation. Be it complimenting someone, giving feedback, or specifying something in terms of number, quantity, and quality, adjectives are everywhere. Considering all these applications, it becomes crucial for all, even adults to get a strong grip on this concept.  Games, a fun alternative … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages of Verbal And Non-Verbal Communication

verbal & non verbal

When knowledge is successfully transmitted from one person, group, or place to another through writing, speaking, or using a means that facilitates meaningful learning, it is called communication. Every communication includes at least one sender, receiver, and message in every transaction. These include thoughts, the surrounding environment, the mode of communication, and even geographic area. … Read more

10 Dictation Sentences For Kindergarteners [PDF Included]


Dictation is a helpful technique for teaching spelling since it allows kids to use their abilities in a “real world” setting. Simply put, you recite a phrase or sentence that includes their spelling terms, and the kids repeat and write it down. Dictation aids in the development of short-term memory. Before jotting down important words … Read more

7 Awesome Adjective Games To Play Online


There is no denying that grammar is one of the most crucial aspects of the English language. And when it comes to grammar, adjectives hold their own significance. Learning adjectives help to describe the nouns and add beauty to the language. An adjective is a part of speech.  The modern and out-of-the-box learning methods make … Read more

5 Engaging Online Games For Learning Pronouns

learning pronouns

Grammar is one of the most vital aspects of learning a language. Learning ‘Pronouns’ is simple and needs engagement and time. Pronoun learning reinforces knowledge as a part of speech and allows children to create sophisticated sentences. Learning pronouns out of the traditional setup is a boon for learners in the present education system. With … Read more

What is Surface Dyslexia: Its Signs, Examples, and Management Strategies

What is Surface Dyslexia ?

REVIEWED BY  NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON JULY 27, 2021 If people find it difficult to tell words that are not voiced out as they are spelled, it is the sign of surface dyslexia. For example, the words like island, honor, bought, Right, etc, are words that differ in grapheme and phoneme. Hence, this disorder is … Read more

Dyslexia in Adult Relationships: What to expect?

Dyslexia in Adult Relationships: What to expect?

REVIEWED BY  NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON JULY 10, 2021 “Will I be able to get into relationships just like anyone else?” It is quite a valid question to ask especially when you feel there is something special about yourself. Growing up with learning disorders does affect the confidence level in adults. Problems caused by dyslexia … Read more

Signs & Symptoms of dyslexia in teenagers

signs and symptoms of dyslexia in teenagers

Dyslexia is a condition that affects the ability to process language. This condition involves both the spoken and written language, and the affected person may have difficulty in expressing themselves through linguistic mediums. Some children are diagnosed in the early school years, but sometimes it may present in a way that is difficult to diagnose.

Dyscalculia and Brain Activity-The Connection

dyscalculia brain area, disorder, injury

MEDICALLY REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON JUNE 24, 2020 The fear of Mathematics and numbers is called Dyscalculia which is a learning disability also termed as number blindness.Extensive studies have recorded that nearly 7% of the population with average intelligence have the problem. The innate number sense of the human brain is not in sync … Read more