Worst Jobs For Individuals With Dyslexia

Worst jobs for dyslexics

With a condition like Dyslexia, being selective in areas like choosing a career makes a reasonable difference. Filtering out a list of fitting careers can make their preparation easy. These can be found by evaluating their strengths and how it applies to the position. With this knowledge, it is also important to make out what … Read more

Can Dyscalculia Affect My Nursing Career?

Nursing and dyscalculia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MARCH 09, 2022 Every individual has a dream, inclinations, and an end goal in their life. That being a crucial attribute, what’s furthermore pivotal is to inscribe a perfect plan of action to achieve the same.  When the set of strategies is befitting, personal compromises like Dyscalculia can be governed.  Nursing, … Read more

7 Career Options For A Person With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

High logical mathematical intelligence careers

While there are about 12 different intellect flairs known today, logical-mathematical intelligence is distinct with attributes such as strength in numbers, patterns, and logic. An individual, being sure to possess such intelligence, may be bewildered in the expedition of career selection. Evidently, anyone would prefer aspiring professions where they can excel with their strengths. Consequently, … Read more

10 Potential Careers For Individuals With High Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

verbal linguistic intelligence carrers

The ability to express thoughts can make a reasonable difference. To ensure the same, having mastery of language right from words to phrases to sentences is obligatory. While the same is the strength of individuals who are adorned with  Verbal Linguistic Intelligence,  they can choose those careers that need a great sense of speech and … Read more

9 Career Options For Individuals With High Spatial Intelligence

Career With High Spatial Intelligence

The definition of intelligence, over time, has been broadened from mere academic success pinning it down to a single, holistic factor. Today, various researches acknowledge intelligence to be composed of several primary mental abilities. In 1938, Thurstone defined the ‘space’ factor of intelligence that represented the ability to operate mentally on spatial and visual images. … Read more

10 Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Every person is unique in terms of personality and intelligence, and it is essential to understand this before choosing a career route. Psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to him, there are eight kinds, and Intrapersonal Intelligence is one of them.  People with intrapersonal intelligence are reflective in nature and focus … Read more

Best suited Career Options & Jobs for people with dyslexia & dyscalculia

Best suited career options and jobs for dyslexia and dyscalculia

What will my child do in the future when he is facing so many difficulties with words and numbers? It is a common worry that almost all parents face when they realize that their children’s intelligence assessment test shows poor results. The good news is that having learning difficulties is not the end of the … Read more