10 Engaging Games & Activities For Learning Permutation And Combination

permutation and combination games and activities

The transition from learning elementary to higher mathematics calls for the sweat of one’s brow. This is the time when a student encounters concepts that he probably has never heard of before. One such topic is ‘Permutation and Combination.’ Permutations and Combinations are based on the fundamental principle of Counting. Both of these methods are … Read more

6 Gamified Activities To Teach Venn Diagrams

venn diagram activities

Data evaluation is an important application of math reasoning skills. How to categorize or summarize and evaluate data and draw inferences are important learnings anybody may require to make important decisions. Right from the primary level of education, teachers introduce kids to various data categorization tools such as pie charts, graphs, etc. One such tool … Read more

Teaching Circles to Preschoolers: 8 Fun Activities To Begin With

circle Activities for preschoolers

Which is the one shape that is different from all the other? The circle! This is for the simple fact that a circle has no sides, no angles, and no corners, which not only makes it interesting but also idiosyncratic. For these reasons, introducing children to shapes, especially circles, can be quite exciting yet intimidating … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Introducing Square Shape To Preschoolers

Square Activities for preschoolers

Teaching young children new things and watching their eyes light up can be utterly delightful. Introducing little learners to shapes can be quite tricky, given the fact that there are so many of them. Spatial recognition of different shapes forms an integral part of mental development.  One of the most fundamental shapes is the square. … Read more

6 Activities For Improving Math Reasoning Skills

Math reasoning activities

‘How can I make math reasoning more fun?’ When I saw a student struggling with a gap in mathematical thinking, I asked myself this question. Math reasoning is all about applying mathematical concepts and deducting abstract learning from them. Clearly, stuffing the study hour with explanatory lectures was not taking me and my students anywhere. … Read more

7 Hands-On Games & Activities For A Fun Factors And Multiples Teaching Session

Factors and multiplies activities

Elementary math has myriad concepts that must be taught to students in a way that they not only understand it but retain the information with them. One such elementary concept is factors and multiples. Regarded as one of the most important concepts with extensive real-life applications such as factoring money, understanding time, comparing prices, factors … Read more

6 Interesting Abacus Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Abacus Activities for kids

When you have a nursery kid at home, much of your time is likely to get consumed in attempts to either enhance their familiarity with the world around them or to expand learning experience. However, actualizing this is not a piece of cake in reality.  Kids tend to have an extremely short attention span, which … Read more

7 Engaging Games And Activities For Learning Prepositions

Preposition Games and Activities

The requirement to learn English is quite evident as people across the globe understand it better than other languages. Statistics reveal that nearly 1.3 billion people speak English making it the most common medium of instruction and communication. Hence, it is important to master it to accomplish various objectives. To be an effective communicator in … Read more

8 Fun Triangle Shape Activities For Preschoolers

Triangle activities for pre-schoolers

Who doesn’t adore indulging in games and activities? These are apparently the pre-eminent pedagogies for little ones. While gamification and indulging in activities can be the modus operandi for basics like phonics and alphabets, instructors can also employ these to preach other notions like shapes and colors too. One such shape which must be taught … Read more

7 Fun Speech Sound Activities For Classroom

Speech sound activities

Oral communication skills are essential for expressing ideas or conveying thoughts. We, human beings, are unique in having a language. The language offers us a script to strike a conversation, put forth an argument, or simply instruct. To be an efficient communicator, one has to start from the point of building speech. This is why … Read more