6 Dice Game Ideas For Learning About Fractions

Fraction games with dice

It is undeniable that the essence of board games has been unruffled. These games are often fragmentary without dice. More than just being an imperative part of the games, dice have turned handy in learning a vital mathematical concept, which is fractions! From activities to worksheets, educators use a number of methods to inculcate the … Read more

8 Engaging Activities And Online Games for Learning LCM & HCF

Lcm & hcf games and activities

Most of us when learning about factorization would wonder how would it come into use practically. Well, when a set of items needs to be split into equal smaller sections, LCM and HCF come to the scene implicitly. Comprehending these notions can be taxing for some. Fortunately, fun learning-based games and activities can unravel the … Read more

10 Manipulatives For Teaching Fraction Circles

fraction circle manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. It took me a lot of struggle when I chose to enlighten my child with fractions of circles. When I could not make him understand what exactly 1/2, 3/4, etc of a circle mean, I found an easy solution in a pizza. … Read more

10 Hands-on Activities To Practice Rounding Decimals

Rounding decimals hands-on-activities

What is rounding? What exact methods are used in rounding decimals? Do you think it is tricky? Rounding is a method used to estimate a specific figure in a given circumstance. While rounding decimals, for instance, look at the next digit in the correct position to round a number; if it is less than 5, … Read more

6 Engaging Games For Learning Quadrilaterals

Quadrilateral games

Is there any captivating way of acquainting beginners to quadrilaterals? Many times this question crosses the mind when kids look perplexed. It is commonly noticed that students’ thoughts take flight when the instructions are unidirectional. To keep the children on the same page, collaboration has to replace dictation. The challenge of combatting attention deficit[1] posed … Read more

7 Engaging Games For Learning Calculus Concepts

Calculus Games

Do you often struggle to discern the concepts of calculus? Do you find it challenging, too? Calculus is that branch of mathematics that pertains to the study of rates of change. It is a bridge between high school maths and progressive maths programs in academia. For most students, calculus can be burdensome! And probably that … Read more

6 Engaging Trigonometry Activities For High School Students

Trigonometry activities for high school

Sine, cosine, tangent – these terms enter a student’s life when they study trigonometry books in high school. It does require a little bit of rote memorization to be familiar with the trigonometry rules. But, that is not the only way to learn. Learning by activities helps gain practical insight. It is why students prepare … Read more

6 Best Manipulatives For Learning Triangles

Triangle Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Triangle is one of the unique geometrical shapes which requires in-depth study. A whole branch of maths called trigonometry is based on triangles; it is that important a figure. Teaching concepts based on triangles may require more than reading books. Especially, when … Read more

10 Best Activities For Improving Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Activities

Want to boost your Linguistic intelligence but can’t reckon how? Well, it’s not quite an ordeal. Linguistic intelligence is the ability to comprehend, communicate, and reason utilizing concepts framed in words.  On a broader note, linguistic intelligence is more so associated with abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and working memory span. Individuals with high linguistic intelligence take … Read more

7 Games And Activities For Learning Order Of Operations

Order of operations games and activities

What is an order of operations? Well, it is the sequence in which one needs to perform calculations if the question demands them to do multiple operations at once. In real-life scenarios, there come situations when you need to do more than one calculation at a time. For example, every item may have a different … Read more