20 Funny Quotes For Geometry Class

Funny Geometry Quotes

Witty words and funny quotes always catch our attention. They lighten the atmosphere and make learning seem more effortless. A little humor is always welcome, especially while studying an overwhelming subject like Math and Geometry.  If we look closely, geometry is an integral part of our daily lives. Geometry is, with arithmetic, one of the … Read more

18 Famous Quotes Involving The Concept Of Fractions

fracton auotes

A quote offers one a second voice that reinforces our thoughts and beliefs. It also serves as that tiny bit of motivation, makes conversation impactful, or lightens up the atmosphere when used. Quotes also help us remember the matter better as witty and different words stay in memory. They prompt us to think in new … Read more

20 Interesting Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Situational Awareness

Situational awareness quotes

We, as humans, are exposed to different situations with several elements surrounding us. Situational awareness focuses on being aware of one’s situation and surroundings and looking for safety. It is more about where you are, what is happening around you, and how you will tackle any random situation. Surprisingly, we all have different potential to … Read more

30 Communication Quotes For Teachers

Communication quotes for teachers

Communication is defined as the act of delivering, receiving, and exchanging information—in other words, talking, writing, listening, and reading. Paying attention to what others are saying, talking and writing clearly, and respecting opposing viewpoints are what make a good communicator.  When talking about jobs that require great communication, teaching would surely top the list. While … Read more

Top 30 Handwriting Quotes By Famous Personalities

Handwriting quotes

As a regular dose of motivation, quotes have a special place in our lives.  It is still magical to note that a set of few words often creates motivation to start with a task.  Not only for schooling, success, or learning difficulties, these snippets of power can also inspire handwriting too.  The list of thirty … Read more

50 Inspiring Quotes Celebrating The Power Of Self-Advocacy

Self advocacy quotes

Self-advocacy is the act of expressing or sharing one’s thoughts and feelings about oneself, including opinions.   Speaking up for yourself, and making your own decisions becomes a crucial part of adulthood. And this must be practiced in the early days, in order to become better self-advocates.  Many activities when initiated can help them become … Read more

100 Inspiring Quotes On Importance Of School

Quotes on importance of school

 To ensure ameliorated motivation towards schooling, students may be associated with some strategies. Quotes may be an engaging idea as these atomic packets oftentimes hit properly in boosting up positivity and interest. What makes these snippets further intriguing is that most of them come from people having admirable experience of life.  With that comprehension, a … Read more