10 Inpirational Quotes About Education And Success *With Explanation*

Education and success quotes

The prominence of education in everybody’s life is unarguable. From improving and enhancing knowledge to making a person confident, education is predominant in each and every field. It is crucial in shaping your future as a successful individual and a contributing member of society.  Education lessens the difficulties that one may face in life. Education … Read more

15+ Inspiring Quotes On Visual Learning

visual learning quotes

Drop-outs, rejections, social isolation, and poor confidence – all these come as baggage along with learning difficulties. Only those who have the patience and perseverance to learn continue to chase their dreams. For many years, a lot has been emphasized upon understanding the learning style instead of trying to fit students into a fixed style. … Read more

10 Famous Quotes About Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning quotes

In bothersome times, quotes can act as a healing pill, ensuring motivation. Many experts like philosophers and other famous personalities ensure they have a few picks around them. The same can be the case for students too. To opt for new skills or to retain their stimulus, quotes can be accommodating.  That being the case, … Read more

10 Inspiring Quotes On Sensory Skills

Sensory skills quotes

Sensory processing dysfunctions (SPD) can have a variety of symptoms in both children and adults. The central nervous system of individuals with SPD is inefficient in processing information, which may arise further difficulty in their daily functioning. These individuals may appear clumsy and withdrawn in certain situations however in most conditions they may still appear … Read more

10 Inspiring Quotes On Intellectual Curiosity

Intellectual curiosity quotes

The general inclination to gather more information about a topic or continuously question your surroundings is what defines intellectual curiosity. Its importance has been reiterated over the years by great thinkers, philosophers, politicians, and scientists across geographical lines and specific time frames. However, a few lines specifically have stood out charmingly in emphasizing the importance … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes About Vowels

Vowel quotes

Anyone can be stunned to notice a few witty words inspiring people to get into action. Not all sentences can do this until they are quotes. These easily available lines can augment people, even with agony. Thus, including appropriate quotes in your toddler’s lessons can be an exceptional supplement. Be it phonics or vowels; every … Read more

7 Algebra Quotes by Famous Mathematicians

7 Algebra Quotes by Famous Mathematicians

Al–Khwarizmi invented Algebra in the 18th century and its modern treatise was penned by a Dutch Mathematician Bartel van der Waerden in 1930. Since then, this subject has become a matter of discussion for all mathematicians. From those discussions and speeches made by the math experts, several interesting quotes emerged. In this post, we have … Read more

25+ Inspiring IEP Quotes for Learning Motivation

25+ Inspiring IEP Quotes for Learning Motivation

Every child is born unique. Their speciality may be different, and so can be their learning requirements. When it comes to designing an educational curriculum, mostly national intelligence average calculated from a random set of people is taken into account. But, what if not all students meet that intelligence criterion? The problem did come to … Read more

16 Inspirational Dyslexia Quotes for Teachers

16 Inspirational dyslexia quotes for Teachers

Teaching is a noble profession. This profession becomes more challenging when dealing with students with learning difficulties like dyslexia. There are times when teachers feel hopeless, angry, and are at the brink of giving up when the students don’t respond to inputs as expected. It is when the teachers need a dose of motivation. This … Read more

10 inspiring quotes for people with learning disabilities

list of top 10 quotes on learning disabilities

A study revealed that about 30% of people with learning disability are suspected to mental health problems at some point of their lives. The stats are worrisome. It is common for kids with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, to feel inferior, demotivated and cornered. In situation like these, Parents and Teachers can help … Read more