10 helpful apps for your learning disability

List of 10 helpful apps for learning disabilities

What is it like to be in the shoes of someone with a learning disability? The day-to-day lessons can be no less than a nightmare because they are differently-abled. If your child is one of those suffering from learning disabilities such as, dyslexia or dyscalculia, the effects can be magnanimous. As a parent, dealing with … Read more

5 apps for improving number recognition skills

List of top 5 number recognition apps

Number recognition, really? Why do we even need to talk about it? Don’t we all know numbers?  These are a few thoughts that creep into our minds very easily when somebody talks about number recognition as something worth learning. Yes, it is true; we all have grown up with numbers all around us. However, we … Read more

Top 10 apps for practicing sight words

List of top 10 sight word apps

Sight words are pivotal to build a strong foundation of basic reading skills in little learners. Therefore, holding a grasp on these skills must be solid right from the very beginning. The ideal age of inculcating this skill begins when the children are in their preschool and kindergarten. To recognize these words quickly, you need … Read more

10 Best Delayed Speech Therapy Apps [Updated 2022]

10 Best Delayed Speech Therapy Apps [Updated 2022]

We all are born with a unique skill set and require different ways to unleash our true potential. But having a skill-set is not enough. We have to be fluent in communication (verbal as well as non-verbal) to put forth the ideas correctly. A child development curve tells a lot about the age-appropriate skills one … Read more

Top 10 must-have free apps for phonemic awareness

list of top 10 phonemic awareness apps

Phonemic awareness is the ability to establish sequence of speech sounds that form a part of any spoken word or syllable. Any word is made of phenome, which is the smallest mental unit of sound that any alphabet or its group carries. Phonemic awareness allows the learners to have the ability to distinguish these phenomes … Read more

Top 10 Free Number Bonds Games To Play Online

Top 10 Free Number Bonds Games To Play Online

Number Bonds is a great tool for little learners to get started on learning how numbers work. It is a very beginning step that teachers use to teach kids the basic concepts of arithmetic. Students familiarize themselves with the addition and subtraction facts with the help of number bonds. For those still unaware, Number bonds … Read more

Top 10 fun games for building math facts fluency

Top 10 games for building math facts fluency

“Three times four equals to…” “Three plus five equal to…” Most of us have self-answered the above with a blink of a second, without even worrying to recheck it. We know that the answer would be correct as we are confident in our math-recalling skills. Our repeated experience with such problems on our day to … Read more

Top 6 apps for learning with Orton Gillingham approach

Apps for learning with Orton Gillingham approach

Orton Gillingham is a widely regarded teaching approach designed for struggling readers, such as in the case of dyslexia. Named after reading and language pioneers, Samuel Torrey Orton (1879-1948) and Anna Gillingham (1878-1963), Orton Gillingham’s approach focuses on teaching connections between letters and sounds. It also uses a multisensory approach to teach reading which involves … Read more

Top 10 Must-Have Free Apps For Dyscalculia [2022]

Top 10 Must-Have Free Apps For Dyscalculia [2022]

The intervention of technology in education is one of the marvelous phenomena that happened in this era. Things possible now with available gadgets could have never been imagined 10 years ago. From regular student’s wiki to braille assistance to dedicated websites for e-learning, technology has achieved great heights in the sector. A major portion of … Read more