Important Dyscalculia Screening Tests For Adults You Must Know About

Important Dyscalculia Screening Tests For Adults You Must Know About

Dyscalculia is not a disease that can be cured. It is a biological disorder emerging from a differently constituted neurological framework in people. Young learners tend to drop out of school due to their inability to express discomfort with numbers. Also, they find it taxing to deal with the peer comparison, for which they are … Read more

Does Dyscalculia Affect Reading And Writing? Sieving through the reality and myths

Does Dyscalculia Affect Reading And Writing?

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON OCT 02, 2021 Yes, Dyscalculia may affect reading and writing to a certain extent. Dyscalculia is a learning developmental disorder that is known to cause difficulty in comprehending arithmetic, resulting in a deficit in mathematical abilities. However, it may also result in other learning developmental issues. Reading and writing disabilities … Read more

8 Important Characteristics Of Dyscalculia That Parents Must Be Aware Of

Characteristics Of Dyscalculia

Five to fifteen percent of school children suffer from one learning disability or the other. These learning disabilities, which have a neurodevelopment basis, often are manifested from early childhood. However, many times, they escape diagnosis till the adulthood of the individual, causing huge emotional distress and self-esteem loss by that time. Dyscalculia is one such learning … Read more

7 Activities To Improve Mathematical-Logical Intelligence

Mathematical-Logical Intelligence

Mathematics is not only about doing numeric operations. In fact, numeric operations are just a part of the subject. There is a lot more to the idea of calculating values. For example, when you have learned numbers, the next step is to develop a logic from the process. This means, when we say, 3+2=5, a … Read more

Money Management For Adults With Learning Disabilities

Money Management For Adults With Learning Disabilities

Dealing with money is an important requirement of adult life. But, it is not an easy affair for people who suffer from learning disorders. They might find it difficult to manage day-to-day financial affairs. That is why many dyscalculics confided having entrusted the money matters to their close ones or trustable friends. Let’s learn through … Read more

Can Someone With Dyscalculia Pass GCSE Maths?

Can Someone With Dyscalculia Pass GCSE Maths?

GCSE Exam, the General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a test that students need to go through to enter universities in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and other British territories. When it comes to enrolling, most universities need students to undergo various tests in the form of entrance exams to enter the establishments. These exams do … Read more

List Of IEP Goals For Reading Fluency

IEP Goals For Reading Fluency

Reading is a basic step to attain language literacy. But, it may prove to be an uphill task for starters with reading difficulties. With the introduction of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the parents and students suffering from learning disorders found solutions for meeting academic objectives. Schools started taking special education initiatives seriously and now … Read more

6 Fun Activities For Learning Rote Counting

6 Fun Activities For Learning Rote Counting

Rote counting, simply put, is counting numbers from one’s memory, without attaching actual meaning to it. For example, when children recite the numbers from 1 to 10, they merely rote learn. They don’t connect these numbers with their implications or number sense. At beginning stage, children cannot count how many objects are in front of … Read more

5 Helpful Accommodations For College Students With Learning Disabilities

LD Accommodations in College

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 opened the floodgates for inclusive education for children with learning disabilities at the high school level. It helped many of them fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education at the college level. However, the continuance of certain accommodations and the addition of others at the college level … Read more

Best Activities To Teach Subitizing: The art of grasping numbers with a glance

Best Activities To learn Subitizing

Subitizing is a new-age learning methodology that is moving away from the era of rote learning. It is derived from the Latin word subitus, which roughly translated in English means ‘sudden’. It refers to a learning strategy around recognizing numbers with a glance and without actually counting them individually. The ‘sudden’ glance of numbers should … Read more