Top 5 manipulatives for learning fractions

list of top 5 fraction manipulatives

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Fractions are an important mathematical concept, though a bit difficult to learn. While going from whole numbers to fractions, children may feel perplexed about the changing ways of operation. Fraction manipulatives can help the teachers in building the concept and … Read more

Top 10 Kindergarten Math Games For Developing Early Number Skills

list of top 10 kindergarten math games for building early number sense

Mathematics has been scientifically proven to enrich one’s skills in all walks of life, as it fosters both logical reasoning and critical thinking. Therefore, teaching preschoolers and mathematics in a way that they take it as a repository of fun is important.   Technology and innovation have rendered a large number of excellent strategies, games, … Read more

10 cool board games for kids with dyslexia

list of top 10 board games for dyslexia

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Board games offer a participative way of developing language and numeric literacy in dyslexic children. These are fun manipulatives that teach dyslexic children the skills of strategic thinking, planning, and coordinating mind and body to achieve the learning objectives. By the … Read more

Top 10 Must-Try Phonemic Awareness Activities [2022]

Top 10 Must-Try Phonemic Awareness Activities [2022]

A few life skills are always lucratively required for leading a good life in the present competitive world. Phonemics awareness is one of such greatest requirements for all and especially for people with learning difficulties. Just like Phonemic apps, these are useful for carving a better future that can help cope with others. But, it’s … Read more

Top 10 Ordering Decimals Games to Play Online [2022]

Top 10 Ordering Decimals Games to Play Online [2022]

Developing a conceptual understanding of decimals at a young age can help the kids acquire skills quite early. It has to be done in an engaging manner as decimal numbers look quite complicated to young learners at the first sight. Some teachers employ manipulatives to ease learning worries, and the learning kit can be made … Read more

Top 10 manipulatives to improve reading skills

list of top 10 reading manipulatives

Manipulatives for reading can be used as tools for engagement, gamification and assortment activities that can help cultivate language skills in a child. The dyslexic children who find it difficult to identify the shapes of the letters or relate to the sequence of the letters in the words can benefit from the tangibility of manipulatives. They can use it as an alternative to conventional methods of reading and writing words.

10 Best Delayed Speech Therapy Apps [Updated 2022]

10 Best Delayed Speech Therapy Apps [Updated 2022]

We all are born with a unique skill set and require different ways to unleash our true potential. But having a skill-set is not enough. We have to be fluent in communication (verbal as well as non-verbal) to put forth the ideas correctly. A child development curve tells a lot about the age-appropriate skills one … Read more

Top 10 must-have free apps for phonemic awareness

list of top 10 phonemic awareness apps

Phonemic awareness is the ability to establish sequence of speech sounds that form a part of any spoken word or syllable. Any word is made of phenome, which is the smallest mental unit of sound that any alphabet or its group carries. Phonemic awareness allows the learners to have the ability to distinguish these phenomes … Read more

Top 10 Online Games For Kids With Dyslexia [Updated 2022]

Online dyslexia games

Games are an integral part of our lives as they offer recreation and rejuvenation. The children’s faces brighten up, and excitement doubles when they hear learning is also game-based. Game-based learning has always proved to be more effective than conventional learning techniques. It is even more helpful for children with learning difficulties like dyslexia or … Read more

Top 10 manipulatives for excelling algebra

a list of top 10 manipulatives for algebra

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Manipulatives come as an easy rescue when you want to introduce Algebra to kids. Algebra involves formulae, calculations, expressions and all these can become too overwhelming when the child needs help in handling basic math. So, manipulatives help connect with these … Read more