Top 10 Online Counting Money Games for Adults

10 Online Counting Money Games for Adults

Adulthood has challenges of its own. In a run to figure out various things, some people may find themselves losing grip over basic skills like counting money. Also, an aging brain may give an adult a tough time managing money[1]. Mostly, receding sharpness in handling money management issues can be overcome by regular practice or … Read more

Best Offline & Online Impulse Control Games for Kids

Impulse Control Games for Kids

The best answer or antidote to impulsive nature is practicing pause. Kids are the storehouse of dreams; they are super inquisitive too. They pounce upon any chance to explore, find and innovate. Till the time, the energy is channelized positively, it is okay. The problem arises when there is so much hidden inside and avenues … Read more

7 Online Brain-Teasing Pattern Games for Adults

7 Online Brain-Teasing Pattern Games for Adults

The human brain is estimated to be a master pattern recognizer; AI Expert Ray Kurzweil at least stands firmly by this premise and has based an entire book on it. In this book, he mentions that humans learn due to process and repeat process information. Whenever they see any pattern, they make it a benchmark … Read more

6 Fun Online Games For Learning Vowels

The process of learning the basics of the English language requires proper guidance. The concepts of vowels and consonants form the nucleus concept about the language. With the changing nature of the world, science and technology, children are getting more and more aversive to the traditional ways of teaching or learning. That is why it … Read more

9 Online Phonics Games For Little Learners

9 Online Phonics Games For Little Learners

Communication is the key to translating your ideas into a string of words that flows from your mind to others. Do you know the main ingredient behind persuasion and influence? It is the art of communication. Therefore a significant chunk of our lives has been spent in “reading and writing” in our schools to develop … Read more

9 Online Games For Kids To Improve Writing Skills

List of top 10 Online Writing Games

“My child hates writing!” Does this sentence sound relatable to you too? I am sure it does! After all, this statement is quite common, especially among the new generation parents. For young children, creativity and imagination are just like games, and why not teach them writing by some fun activity? Children will grow into successful … Read more

10 Online Fraction Games For Easy Learning

A fraction is a math concept that teaches how a unit can be converted into smaller parts having equal value. When we say 1/3, it means a thing with unit value is divided into three equal parts. The beauty of fractions is that one fraction can be converted into an equivalent one by dividing or … Read more

7 Online Games That Make Square Roots Learning Fun

Top 7 Square root games

Can we learn square root in a gamified way? If you ask this question, you are probably not comfortable with conventional ways to learn square roots. Thankfully, the answer to this question is yes! Alternative ways to learn, like games, are available when you need a break from books and worksheets, and learn math the … Read more

7 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

7 Interesting Online Surface Area and Volume Games

After studying 2D figures like rectangles, squares, and other polygons, solid geometry is next in the curriculum. Solid geometry is the study of solid shapes or 3D figures. The introduction of the third dimension names solid geometry as the study of 3D figures too. Cube, cuboid, and sphere replace square, cuboid, and circle respectively. Accordingly, … Read more

Top 7 Games for Understanding Ratio and Proportion Concepts

List of top 7 online games for ration and proportions

Games attract children easily. Children trying to avoid solving problems of ratio and proportion and other similar topics can be driven to engage deeper in these with games. Beautiful backdrops, a community learning[1] environment, and role-playing are some of the interesting factors that make games a good option for mastering ratio and proportion, or other … Read more