Top 8 Websites To Learn English from Scratch

Top 8 Websites To Learn English from Scratch

Mandarin is the most spoken language in this world. Surprised why we never thought of learning Mandarin? It is because the language is used only in China and its surrounding areas. Global communication’s success requires a language that has a worldwide presence. And the badge of lingua franca goes to English. With 350 million native … Read more

6 Fun Online Games For Learning Vowels

The process of learning the basics of the English language requires proper guidance. The concepts of vowels and consonants form the nucleus concept of the language. With the changing nature of the world, science, and technology, children are getting more and more aversive to the traditional ways of teaching or learning. That is why it … Read more

9 Online Phonics Games For Little Learners

9 Online Phonics Games For Little Learners

Communication is the key to translating your ideas into a string of words that flows from your mind to others. Do you know the main ingredient behind persuasion and influence? It is the art of communication. Therefore a significant chunk of our lives has been spent in “reading and writing” in our schools to develop … Read more

10 Online Games For Kids To Improve Writing Skills

List of top 10 Online Writing Games

“My child hates writing!” Does this sentence sound relatable to you too? I am sure it does! After all, this statement is quite common, especially among the new generation of parents. For young children, creativity and imagination are just like games, and why not teach them writing by some fun activity? Children will grow into … Read more

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills of 3rd-graders?

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills of 3rd-graders?

From learning to read to reading to learn your child has to go through a process that is crucial in itself. Usually, till 2 nd grade your kid learns to read, they start developing the habit of reading words but as the curriculum proceeds to 3rd grade, it becomes imperative that your kid understands the … Read more

10 Algebra Apps For Math Aspirants

10 Algebra Apps For Math Aspirants

Technology in education has given innovative options to educators to rethink teaching ways. The functionality-enriched applications can be leveraged to engage or encourage students to learn math concepts, which are otherwise considered too strenuous. That is why forward-thinking parents and teachers keep themselves abreast with the new apps based on math concepts like Algebra, Geometry, … Read more

12 Online Fraction Games For Easy Learning

A fraction is a math concept that teaches how a unit can be converted into smaller parts having equal value. When we say 1/3, it means a thing with unit value is divided into three equal parts. The beauty of fractions is that one fraction can be converted into an equivalent one by dividing or … Read more

10 Websites that help in building Phonemic Awareness

The ability to identify phonemes, and further blend, add, subtract, delete, and modify them to sound out words is described as phonemic awareness. It is a parameter for assessing the reading skills of a child. Whether it is for reading the content on a website or in a book, this skill needs to be in … Read more

6 Insightful Board Games For Learning Sight Words

insightful voard games for learning sight words

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. How can sight words be taught with board games? Yes, it may sound weird at first, but it is quite a helpful method. Board games help develop an interest in kids and keep them indulged in learning basic skills. Let’s first acquaint … Read more

7 Online Games That Make Square Roots Learning Fun

Top 7 Square root games

Can we learn square root in a gamified way? If you ask this question, you are probably not comfortable with conventional ways to learn square roots. Thankfully, the answer to this question is yes! Alternative ways to learn, like games, are available when you need a break from books and worksheets, and learn math the … Read more