8 Fun Financial Literacy Activities For Middle Schoolers

Financial Literacy activities for middle school

Finance and money- these are the two words that we hear most often as the world seems to be functioning on this. This fact makes it very important for children to have at least an elementary knowledge about financial literacy, which will hold them on good footing in their adult lives. Financial literacy is the … Read more

8 Engaging Writing Activities For Middle School & High School

Writing activities for middle and high school

Writing skills are pivotal for students. As the learner passes through grades from elementary to high school, they may need some additional skill sets and brush up on their writing abilities. As the academic responsibility also increases, transforming learning sessions into interesting activities can be a viable option for them. Reading through this post, you … Read more

Does Middle School Foreign Language Count Towards College?

Does middle school foreign language count towards college

The American education system, much like the other educational systems of the world, is divided into several levels. Beginning from the elementary level to high school, grades 6 to 9, fall under the level of middle school, which bridges the educational competencies between the elementary and the high school.  The curriculum of a middle school … Read more

15 Energizing Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Middle School & High School

Brain break activities for middle and high school

The age of adolescence is an important phase. This is the age where the individual is at the best level of enthusiasm and abilities to learn new concepts. But long exposure to sessions may make them exhausted mentally. This brings the need for brain breaks for the youngsters.  Not only kids, but higher grades in … Read more

6 Fun Electives For Middle School Students

Fun electives in middle school

Having multiple choices in hand can make a decision versatile. In school, this opportunity can be availed with a choice of electives. Electives allow middle schoolers to explore more apart from academics. Options like cooking, life skills, and stage arts can be fun and unique fields to opt for.  In general terms, fun electives are … Read more

Top 10 Free Math Apps For Middle School

Math apps for middle school

With the advancement of technology, applications have been making life easier in many ways. Even in academics, Edtech has been on its way to transforming teaching and learning styles. Be it for contactless teaching or to ensure repetitive training and practice, mobile applications often are handy.  For subjects like math where inferencing visually and numerically … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Learning Parts Of Speech In Middle School And High School

parts of speech activities for middle and high schoolers

The notion of creating a wonderful and creative sentence has been an exciting source of research and intrigue throughout time. Many philosophers and writers have constantly worked and are still working on establishing a chunk of poetry, a story, or a poem that would embed the sense of an ultimate satisfaction regarding integrating accurate words … Read more

8 Effective Vocabulary Building Activities For Middle Schoolers

Vocabulary activities for middle school

Every parent thrives to make their kid edified and upskilled; and being rich in vocabulary comes along with erudite. Research shows strong language abilities with rich vocabulary are related to various positive things, including confidence, joy with family, scholastic achievement, and a wonderful career. Building vocabulary in our middle school students turns out to be … Read more

10 Fun Online Grammar Games For Middle Schoolers

Online grammar games for middle school

During middle school, a lot of new concepts are introduced. While the maths and scientific topics can be inculcated with experiments and practically, is there a way to teach the rules of the English language and grammar? While we all know that learning the concepts of grammar precisely goes a long way! But is there … Read more

10 Fun Critical Thinking Activities for Middle School Students

Critical thinking activities for middle school

Wouldn’t it be exceptional to see your children learning from games? That’s what activities usually ensure by giving them hands-on experience. While we see academic lessons thriving through activities, can teaching an idiosyncratic concept like critical thinking through activities be possible? Critical thinking can be boosted at any age. However, being a part of overall … Read more