Critical Thinking In Individuals With Dyslexia

Critical Thinking & Dyslexia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT REVIEW PANEL ON DECEMBER 07, 2021 An individual can have four modes of thinking: Analytical, Divergent, Critical, and Creative. After identifying and defining information (analysing), one has to process the same by conceptualising and solving them. This is what Critical thinking actually is.  On the other hand, dyslexia, as we know, is a … Read more

9 Fun Fluency Activities for 3rd Grade Students

Fluency games & activities

It is rightly said that when children are fluent, they begin to take flight into a whole new world effortlessly- just like young birds to the sky. As students progress, their reading ability should be adorned with the ability to infer. The reading potential of students starts to take off during this time which makes … Read more

9 Engaging Statistics Games And Activities

Statistics games & activities

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Statistics”? Tough mathematical, numerical data. Isn’t it? Statistics has become an indispensable part of life, but getting the hang of this concept can be a hard nut to crack.  More than being arduous, statistics can be baffling too! But what if you learn and practice … Read more

7 Fun Online Games to Learn and Practice Prime Factorization

Fun online games for learn prime factorization

Do you remember the last time you learned mathematics in the most fun way? Initially, calculations were done on paper and seemed boring! But, luckily for students today, the scenario has changed totally. Today, there are multiple options available, and one of them is learning through online games, which makes the learning part fun and … Read more

7 Free Online Schools for Special Needs Students

Online Schools for Special Needs Students

Schooling is an integral part of one’s growing up. This is the phase of making strides. But, this phase might be a challenging chapter in a child’s life with special needs. Factoring this, special schools have become the need of the hour. In these institutions, teachers are trained differently, and education is also through a … Read more

8 Characteristics Of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Chracteristics

The famous British-American Author Christopher Hitchens once said ‘The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks.’’ These lines are the very core of critical thinking. This attribute might look like a complex and complicated subject to understand, but situations as basic as searching about something on … Read more

7 Fun Self-Advocacy Games And Activities For Students

Self-Advocacy games for students

Self-Advocacy- A trait often belittled; verily, this attribute can be a boon for an individual. Much like social skills, self-advocacy is no less than an ability required to communicate needs, views and make allies. But how do you instill these in students? Mentors like parents and teachers should inculcate representing and communicating wants and views … Read more

8 Cool Online Games for Learning Numbers and Operations

Online games for learning numbers and operations

Inculcating skills and lessons in a young mind is easy and expedient. Perhaps this is why kids are taught the fundamentals of life like the alphabet and numbers as a part of academics as well as personal growth. But, every child has a unique pace. So, the question remains, how to teach kids about these … Read more

Free Printable BODMAS Worksheets For Grade 5-7 [PDF]

Printable BODMAS Worksheets

Children learn basic mathematical operations at the primary level of education. Moving upwards, they need to learn to solve problems where a combination of operations is involved. Interestingly, if not solved in the correct order, the results can be different. That is why the concept of order of operations is taught. BODMAS is an acronym … Read more

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities: An Overview

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect communication skills, cognition, decision-making, and other abilities required for normal living. If you inspect closer all these traits are required for putting forth the points made in the favor of the self. Often it happens that a sense of undue gratitude enters the psyche of children especially when the world around shows … Read more