Is being good at math genetic?

Is being good at math genetic?

Mathematics is a subject that is perceived with different emotions by people. The world seems to be divided into math lovers and haters. There is a grey area also among these two divisions where people have interest in the subject but the learning difficulties make the path hurdled. In addition to having personal interest, several … Read more

How Executive Functions Are Affected By Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia and executive functions

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MARCH 16, 2022 Accomplishing a task swiftly may be one of the reasons behind efficiency.  To ensure this, one needs to make a perfect plan of action to achieve. Executive functioning skills are often needed for creating these strategies. Some individuals take additional time to complete responsibilities due to compromises like … Read more

Abacus Or Kumon Math Program: Which One To Go For?

Abacus vs Kumon

In the hope of getting their kids a little extra help with classroom preaching, parents always lookout for academic enrichment programs. There can be various reasons for this search, such as may be the student is struggling with the subject or just needs a little help to get higher marks and knowledge. Abacus is a … Read more

What Are The 12 Types Of Intelligence?

12 Types of intelligence

Great people have defined intelligence in their own ways. While Einstein stated, “the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. Intelligence is characterized by having certain traits of perceiving and learning things differently which makes all of us unique in having unique intelligence. Few of us may be good at maths and logical … Read more

How Effective Are Flashcards For Adults With Learning Disabilities?

Efficiency of flashcards with LD

Teaching with Flashcards is a conventional method for working on students’ capacities to make them review data and comprehend the concepts. Not only for kids but also for adults, flashcards can function as a visual backing, as these are explicitly intended to animate learning. They help with innovation, powerful language. Moreover, they help in reinforcing … Read more

Learning Chemistry Being A Dyscalculic

Chemistry and Dyscalculia

Most often, when we come across the term ‘dyscalculia,’ we relate it to the inability or challenge in performing mathematical operations. However, that is just one part of the wider picture. Students with dyscalculia do not just struggle with math but also other subjects such as Chemistry or Physics, owing to the difficulty in understanding … Read more

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities: An Overview

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect communication skills, cognition, decision-making, and other abilities required for normal living. If you inspect closer all these traits are required for putting forth the points made in the favor of the self. Often it happens that a sense of undue gratitude enters the psyche of children especially when the world around shows … Read more

Dyscalculia and Reading The Clock: How to manage?

reading clock

What time is it?  If you have an analog clock in sight, it will probably take you a millisecond to answer that. But a passing gaze to read the clock is a mundane, simple day job that may be an uphill task for some people. Dyscalculia or Mathematics dyslexia is a condition where the person … Read more

8 Must-Read Books For Dyslexic Readers

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Reading difficulties are the most conspicuous in Dyslexic children. So, why the books for Dyslexia? The answer lies in the fact that books for dyslexic readers are designed while keeping the learning and psychological needs of such people in mind. These books … Read more