10 Famous Persons With Great Intrapersonal Intelligence

Famous Persons With Great Intrapersonal Intelligence

Have you ever wondered why a particular person can perform a task efficiently while others struggle to do it? The reason for this is that every person thinks and acts differently. In 1983, psychologist Howard Gardner introduced the theory of Multiple Intelligence that dealt with this fundamental concept. According to him, there are eight different … Read more

5 Helpful Accommodations For College Students With Learning Disabilities

LD Accommodations in College

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 opened the floodgates for inclusive education for children with learning disabilities at the high school level. It helped many of them fulfill their dreams of pursuing higher education at the college level. However, the continuance of certain accommodations and the addition of others at the college level … Read more

7 Famous People With Dyscalculia

Famous People With Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a learning disorder. It has plagued about 4-6% population in the US. The disorder has risen to the status of being a reality due to increasing awareness. But, this was not the case centuries back. Despite having unmatched talents, people displaying discomfort with numbers were branded stupid. Due to various reasons such as … Read more

Top 7 Colleges That Waive Math Requirements

Colleges That Waive Math Requirements

Do you suffer from math anxiety and don’t want this subject to boggle you in college life? If yes, there is good news for you! There are colleges that waive math requirements. Hence, you can fulfill your graduation dream even when you are not too good at maths. But, which colleges are offering this facility? … Read more

7 Algebra Quotes by Famous Mathematicians

7 Algebra Quotes by Famous Mathematicians

Al–Khwarizmi invented Algebra in the 18th century and its modern treatise was penned by a Dutch Mathematician Bartel van der Waerden in 1930. Since then, this subject has become a matter of discussion for all mathematicians. From those discussions and speeches made by the math experts, several interesting quotes emerged. In this post, we have … Read more

Is Orton-Gillingham Training Approach Worth It?

Is Orton-Gillingham Training Approach Worth It?

Teachers who have hands-on experience imparting training under the Orton Gillingham approach roughly estimate that even severely dyslexic students (including those suffering from ADHD), gain one grade level in reading within 75-100 hours’ worth of sessions. That can boil down to two hours of the child’s time for a month and a half. This seems … Read more

Importance Of Phonics For Preschoolers

Importance of phonics in preschoolers

Preschool is the first introduction point of any child to the world outside their families. When parents see their kids mimicking words, identifying things around, or repeating dialogues and expressions of elders around, parents feel the need to polish their skills further, and add newer ones to their natural skill-set too. To accomplish all these … Read more

25+ Inspiring IEP Quotes for Learning Motivation

25+ Inspiring IEP Quotes for Learning Motivation

Every child is born unique. Their speciality may be different, and so can be their learning requirements. When it comes to designing an educational curriculum, mostly national intelligence average calculated from a random set of people is taken into account. But, what if not all students meet that intelligence criterion? The problem did come to … Read more

IEP Goals for Students with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD)

IEP Goals for Students with Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities (NVLD)

Behavior apt to situation and surroundings is a natural manifestation of human intelligence. However, those born with learning disabilities may show the inability to conform to behavioral norms. These children require additional training as a supplement to their basic skills-building curriculum. This additional training emphasizes addressing issues related to non-verbal learning disabilities; building these is … Read more

45+ STEM Education Quotes For Driving Ratiocination

45+ STEM Education Quotes

There are a thousand ways to start an article, but only a handful works when it comes to making an impression. The funny thing about quotes is, these words hardly make any literal sense. Writers are notorious for projecting an indefinite meaning advocating through their vocables. There is a constant cast shadow play of satire … Read more